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Turning a dust storm into a fantastic marketing campaign.

In recent March, a Saharan dust cloud has blown across Europe, covering cars in various nations, including Spain. As a result of the desert dust, several cities have awoken to an orange sky, and car owners have had to clear desert sand off their vehicles. Seize the day campaigns are thrilling to see. They capture people’s current moods and are instantly, unwaveringly sympathetic. PS21’s KFC seize the day is one of the best thus far. And it was made for next to nothing.

KFC is known for their out of the box marketing, with the help of a marketing agency in Madrid PS21 launched a real-time marketing campaign. In a quick-thinking initiative, the business offered two free strips of Original Recipe chicken to anyone who showed up at one of its 76 drive-thru outlets in Spain with the letters KFC scribbled in the dust on their cars, which resembled breaded chicken.

It all started with a Twitter tweet encouraging Spaniards to write the KFC emblem with their hands on their “breaded” automobiles in order to receive two free Original Recipe chicken strips at any of the 76 KFC Autos in the country’s restaurants.

“Let’s do one thing: if you stop by any KFC Auto with a “breaded” car with the letters KFC painted with your finger, we’ll give you two real breaded chicken strips,” said the first tweet. This isn’t a prank. Restaurants have already been alerted to the situation.

turning a dust storm into a fantastic marketing campaignMore than 1,000 folks across Spain painted the KFC emblem on their cars and went to their nearest KFC Auto restaurant to enjoy their free Original Recipe chicken strips as a result of the promotion (more than 2,000 in total). And it wasn’t only cars, some Spaniards were even more inventive, taking advantage of the deal with bicycles or baby carriages.

In the first 48 hours of the launch, this excellent PS21 campaign helped the fast-food behemoth KFC, which received over 9.5 million impressions and 740,350 interactions on Twitter.

Sergio Hernández, PS21’s account director, said in a news release, “At PS21, we are always devoted to authentic campaigns that seek customer participation and are culturally relevant.” “In this example, we took our “Always In” strategy a step further by moving it to the real world and breaching the Twitter barrier to take our message to the streets, combining intuition, creativity, and responsiveness.”