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How to build a high performance lead generation website

how to build a high performance lead generation websiteA lead is always generated when the visitor takes action and submits a form online. But, when it comes to a lead generation website, every element is thought about with the visitor’s expectations and psychology in mind.

As far as the flow is concerned, the person visits the blog post and is then led to the service page, About Us page, Contact page and the ‘Thank You’ page. But, this happens only when every web page has a set of elements. So, as you scroll ahead, you can look into the best practices for a lead generation website.

Tips for blogs

A blog post is always the initial step for generating leads. Rather than trying to promote the services or products, you should post informative content. As the visitor comes across the blog, he would happy to have found you online. Later, the individual can expect to get advice through a signup form or through social media. So, when you are drafting the blog, you should always write a keyword-focused title, social media icons for sharing the information, numerous images, links to the service page, and a call to action for leaving behind comments. Get in touch with a digital marketing agency in Mumbai in case you need to discuss an online marketing strategy.

Tips for Service Page

Once the visitor is directed to a service page, you can always describe how you would be working with prospect. The prime objective is to state everything in simple terms, and answer questions, and offer a clear call to action. While you must place the contact details towards the topmost right-hand side corner of the web page, you can include examples and videos as well as call to action towards the end.

Tips for About Us page

The About Us page can always help the visitor to know whom he would be working with. So, as far as the design of the web page is concerned, you can include the core values, and the story right at the top. Moreover, you can post an overview of a business through a video and images of team members along with the profile pages.

Tips for Contact Page

When it’s all about a Contact Page, you need to update the page with the necessary fields and the contact details towards the right-hand side. Don’t make the contact form lengthy. Rather, you should include questions that can actually qualify the visitor into a legitimate lead.

Finally, when the thank page appears on the screen, you should insist the designer to place the email signup box towards the right. You can also post social media icons and links to recommended articles.

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