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Steps Pinterest Marketing Strategy to Dominate 2018

5 Steps Pinterest Marketing Strategy to Dominate 2018

Pinterest is not like every other Social Network. People are using it in order to look for inspiration, for new ideas, and new products to buy. Basically, people sometimes visit Pinterest just to find someone’s advertisement. Therefore, if you decide to use that opportunity, you will have definite increase of your sales. In this article we will review whether that hypothesis is true and how to take a maximum from that social network.

First of all, let’s talk about numbers and demographics. We need that information to understand whether we have our target group on this platform. It is definitely less popular than Facebook, but it holds its own against any other network. Around 25 percent of adults (who use the internet) in United States of America use Pinterest. More specifically, 41 percent of women and 16 percent of men are users of that platform. 84 percent of users are ages 18-64 with an even split among the age groups. 31 percent are from suburban areas. According to Pinterest itself, it reaches most US families with 33 percent of dads and 70 percent of moms. The fact that 55 percent of user use network for shopping and 90 percent of weekly Pinners use the platform to plan purchases is very important to us. If you target group is connected to those number, than do not doubt about using this platform.

After you created your business account, it is time to upgrade your game. We will discuss 5 steps, which will help you to dominate Pinterest this year.

  1. Saving button on your website.

That easy hint will allow your audience to Pin your content with just a click. By that it will quintuple the number of Pins from your site. You can use automatic or hover buttons, provided by Pinterest. Also, you can create your own button using the Pinterest Widget Builder.

  1. Improve your images’ quality.

Pinterest is a social network based on images. Therefore, by focusing on great visuals, you will definitely outstand from the masses and will notice. Photos should be in focus, clear, well-composed and just beautiful. Research conducted by Pinterest showed that pictures of products in use in real life have 30 percent more clicks and 170 percent higher chances of checkout than those showing only the product. Additionally, 80 percent of Pinners use mobile application, so you should also optimize pictures for a small screen.

  1. Don’t forget about the description.

I doubt that great pictures alone will satisfy a lot of people. Describe to the Pinners, what exactly they will see when they will click on link to your website. Also, add some keywords in order to be more Search Engine Optimized.

  1. Be active.

Since it is a network, you should engage your audience. Research your niche, and actively like and engage with other Pins.  Also, post and update pins daily. Create boards, use hashtag, use other methods of engaging with your audience and they will engage with you, bringing more sales to your company.

  1. Analyze and invest.

Lastly, I will recommend analyzing everything you do. Use analytics, provided by Pinterest to see what is trending on your page. Adapt to those trends. Analyze your website, look for mistakes, and try to improve your page and website based on that data. Additionally, I will recommend you to try Pinterest ads. Promoted pins create more exposure for your brand or company. Even after one month after the start of Pinterest ad campaign, advertisers get around 20 percent more clicks.

Be creative, follow those steps, and it will definitely payoff for your Social Media Marketing.