7 Mistakes to Avoid On Your eCommerce Site

Mistakes-to-avoid-on-eCommerce-SiteWith almost an unprecedented number of businesses entering the fray by the day, you are almost pushed to the edge to think and come up with innovative solutions like hosting an ecommerce website for promoting your business online.

At the same time, there are a few things you have to be wary of while designing this site. Broadly, we can divide them into categories like content, navigation, appearance and accessibility.

Now, what are the 7 mistakes you should avoid while designing and hosting your ecommerce website? They are:

1.    Lack of appeal in the layout design

First things first; if you are not careful in choosing the right color combinations, graphics and the overall template design, your site may look pretty ordinary and mundane. This will only turn away visitors rather than impressing them in any way. No one wants to go through a site that does not score high in terms of quality of the graphic designs.

2.    Too much time taken to load

This is one thing that no visitor can tolerate for they do not have the time or the patience to wait for your site to load for hours! The load time has the power to make or mar the conversion rate on your ecommerce website. In other words, the more the load time, the lesser the conversion rate is since the users display a tendency to abandon your site.

3.    Lack of uniformity in your system of credit card entry

An improper design can create many hassles for users on your ecommerce site. For example, if there is no help offered to users to enter information like zip code, then they might end up providing the wrong details or just give up in frustration. If you fail to follow the universal, uniform order of information for credit card entry, then users are most likely to give wrong details at the wrong places for they have been used to this type of system.

4.    Faulty choice of the shopping cart design

This is one of the costliest mistakes you should avoid since you will lose considerable sales opportunities if users are not given proper instructions and details about products, rates, quantities, discounts, etc. in the ‘shopping cart’ section. Another mistake in this context is the absence of clear-cut details about shipping charges and taxes if any, which in turn leave your potential customers frustrated or confused.

5.    Lack of impressive navigation options

Even if you sell impressive stocks of rare and high-quality goods, you could end up losing significantly profitable sales in case the navigation is not simple and direct on your site. Visitors may not prefer sites that are full of clutter and unorganized information. They will not be able to find your products if they are not presented in the form of categories and sub-categories.

6.    Absence of search options

If there is no search bar or an advanced search option bar (a better option this is!) on your site, then naturally visitors will not be E-commerce Sitesinclined to come here in the future and increased sales could remain a distant dream for you.

7.    Mandatory registration or signup

As such online shoppers are flooded with too much information and too little time to browse, shop and buy; so, if you insist on compulsory registration or signing up to proceed further on your site, then they will feel disappointed and even frustrated.

So, once you succeed in designing an ecommerce website that is bereft of all the above-mentioned pitfalls, you are just a few steps away from increasing your sales through this site!

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