A Salute to all Women

women dayThis day is what we call as the “Women’s Day” and this is the day when all the women in the world are saluted and praised for playing multiple roles each day on their life. There are many reasons where women face troubles and challenges, but never break down. They struggle day and night to let others in their families smile. To honor all minute efforts she pay, the world Women’s Day is celebrated on this day.

She is the one who plays the role of a daughter; she is the one who plays role of a mother; she is the one who plays role of a teacher; she is the one who plays role of a wife; she is the one who plays role of a daughter-in-law; and she is the one who does multitasking by being a house lady, an earner and much more. And to make her realize that how important she is and what her position is in everyone’s life, here we proudly say her “You are the Goddess”. And so we repeat this line which cannot be replaced by anyone else except a woman – “Maa subah uthti hai, Maa khana khilati hai, who hote hai kismet wale, jinke paas Maa hoti hai!”

We give you a grand salute and wish a very happy Women’s Day. God bless all, god bless women as they give life to everyone.

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