Google Mobilegeddon Has Been Launched Officially

Google Mobilegeddon is finally out. It is a version of the search that has especially been designed keeping mobile users in mind; in other words, Mobilegeddon will make online searching a simpler job for people using internet on mobile phones.

So, what exactly Google has done? The Mountain View-based web giant has just modified its search algorithm for prioritizing mobile-friendly websites when preparing search results. Experts believe that Google has decided to introduce this change to offer stiffer competition to Apple, a company that the media in the United States refer to as “mobilegeddon”.

According to WIRED, one of the most widely read US technology websites, this algorithm switch made by Google is possibly the most significant change it has made to its search engine setup in the last three years. The report on WIRED also noted that this step by the search engine giant has again highlighted how high-minded, yet selfish the company is when it comes to using its immense market power for accelerating changes on different areas of the Internet.

We don’t know whether there’s any link between the two, but Google has launched its mobile-friendly update in the same week when it announced that soon we’ll see it launching its own mobile wireless service in the United States.

Google, when announcing its plans of launching the mobile wireless service soon, also said that it will allow customers using the devices during international travel and at home save considerable amount of money.

Experts might have different opinion, but Google is claiming that the new mobile friendly algorithm of its search engine will significantly benefit users. When asked by the media about the algorithm revolution introduced by it, Google said that it has decided to bring in such a big change in its algorithm to ensure that users other than finding timely and relevant content when searching on Google, also comes across pages that can be read easily on smaller screens of mobile phones.

This decision by Google cannot be categorized as an incorrect one. This is because recently obtained statistics suggest that right now more than 50% of searches on the Internet are carried out on mobile phones. This trend is particularly driven by the situation in developing countries, where mobile phone penetration is much higher compared to computers and laptops.

The algorithm changes introduced by Google in 2011 affected 10% of all English-language sites. The algorithm changes of 2012, on the other hand, affected just around 4% of them.  The intensity of the impact of this new modification has not yet been measured fully. However, this action of Google has surely become a big concern for marketers and brand owners for whom the most important thing is online visibility.

It’s true that this modified Google search algorithm threatens to decrease the search engine rank of websites that don’t support smartphone technology; however, the change that was introduced on Tuesday has not yet caused any major shuffle. We will probably need to wait for some more time to see the impact of the change.

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