Google Panda 4.0 Algorithm is Finally Here Officially

Google-Panda-4.0-AlgorithmSo, finally Google Panda 4.0 is released officially. This long awaited application has already added new meaning to Google search and is expected to do more such things in the future to make search results on Google more useful for the internet users.

The Panda algorithm was originally designed for increasing visibility of websites through well written, informative and relevant content. This algorithm showed great results and took little time to decrease the search engine rank of websites with low quality content. To be more precise, the change in algorithm allowed Google to meet its goal of providing every searcher with the best possible search results. Since its launch, Panda has always kept on trying to get better; it has continuously made subtle alterations to its algorithms to make the search results more useful for the users. The most recent altered form of the application is the Google Panda 4.0.

There’s another algorithm launched along with Panda 4.0; this one is meant for targeting spam content such as cash advance request. This new algorithm planned for targeting spam sites together with Panda 4.0, whose primary duty is targeting websites filled with low quality useless content, will definitely make the web world quite a dangerous place for webmasters owning sites filled with spam or low quality content. To put it more bluntly, if your website contains spam or low quality content (or any one of these), you will not be able to hide it from these two first-rate algorithms.

Panda is also known for its ability to improve the traffic coming to a website. However, to become eligible for enjoying this benefit offered by Panda, you must add high quality content to your website.

As mentioned earlier, the world is waiting for this new version of Google Panda since a long time. SEO experts around the globe, however, were not sure whether it will be an updated version of Panda or Google is launching a Penguin refresh. Things became even more confusing when these search engine optimization experts came to know about the payday loan update. However, now, after Google has officially announced release of Panda 4.0, there’s not much scope of confusion of any kind. It’s a good thing for most freelancers and SEO workers that it’s not a Penguin refresh.

Among many fascinating qualities of Google Panda, the one that is loved most by SEO experts and people doing business online is that all its new versions come with improved features. This tradition began right from Panda 1.0. It was the first application that added more value to websites with high quality content by placing them above sites with low quality content on Google result pages.

Panda received its next major update in 2011 in the form of Panda 2.0. Panda 3.0 came in the first quarter of 2012. The Panda 3.0 has received a number of updates; the world has even witnessed launch of its advanced versions such as Panda 3.1, Panda 3.2 etc (these versions used to get released almost on a monthly basis). Each of these updates made Google’s search results more and more perfect. Now, it is expected that search experience on Google will get even better with Panda 4.0.




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