Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings to Huge Number of Webmasters

Google-Sending-Mobile-Usability-Warnings-768x432Webmasters that were till now proud of their websites have now been able to receive mass notification from Google. It states that their website is not at all mobile friendly and such kind of notifications also mention the fact that they would need to fix the mobile usability issues that were found within the website. It goes on to give a very detailed explanation on how such kind of websites can actually have a lot of usability error in the mobile phones, and how can it be converted into a mobile friendly website, and gain a lot of in rankings, as well as the display unit.

However, this particular notification has not been sent directly by Google. It is being sent by the Google Webmaster tools, with the help of an email. These are also sent to the Webmasters that have websites not at all friendly with the mobile platform. So, what we get to see is that Google is now taking to reminding most of the Webmasters that their website is not at all mobile friendly, and they are now looking into keeping themselves at a correctional watch. With the visibility and the ease of use in the mobile phones, such tender websites will definitely witness an increase in the ranking during the mobile search.

This is clearly a wonderful signal as to how Google is looking to bring out a new ranking algorithm for the mobile phones. Google has now been able to give clear indications about this experiment that was on since the month of November. They have also taken to launching the mobile friendly testing tool, as well as a lot of usability reports, in terms of mobile phones only from the Google Webmaster tool. In between, for the eagle eyed people, they would realise that there are also mobile friendly labels provided in a variety of sources results.

So, this is way beyond the common sight penalty for the websites not being compatible to the mobile phones that actually Google had introduced in the year of 2013. It also seems to take into account the nature of mobile friendly websites, and how it will be able to target the website to the people that are on the lookout for it. So, if you are one of those Webmasters, these are extremely troublesome signs ahead a few. You need to make sure that you can actually increase the viability of your website, and keep it mobile friendly, just so as to not lose out on a huge amount of people from the mobile search.

Typically, according to Google, this is just a confirmation email, to make sure that the website can actually confer to the mobile friendly applications. However, since there is no confirmation about any sort of recent algorithm changes, people are actually waiting for the big explosion to happen any time soon.

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