It’s anniversary time for all of us at Matrix Bricks Infotech

Today Matrix Bricks Infotech will be completing its 4th anniversary. When the company started its journey in 2011 no one expected it to achieve so much in so little time. However, standing in the threshold of the 4th anniversary of Matrix Bricks Infotech inception, it can be said that this is what Mehul Brahmbhatt, the owner of Matrix Bricks, wanted his company to be.

Mehul Sir is known for his meticulous nature. This quality of his has been generated into all his employees and as a result Matrix Bricks Infotech has turned into a company that never fails to offer 100% perfect services.

Since the day of its inception, the company is working with the sole goal of making its customers happy. It has the best team of website designers and developers, graphic designers, content writers, internet marketing experts, and web hosting managers. Together they make sure that your business gets represented by a professionally designed and optimized website that can successfully attract more traffic and increase your consumer base.

The impeccable services offered by Matrix Bricks Infotech has allowed the company to develop a loyal consumer base consisted of thousands of businesses and individuals within just four years.

Matrix Bricks Infotech under the leadership of Mehul Brahmbhatt aims at reaching newer heights in the coming years. Like the previous years, we will continue to bring in innovations for making our services more effective and comprehensive.

We strive for your best wishes !!!


An anniversary is a good occasion to look back on what you have done. You can do this with satisfaction and happiness because you have always done a very good job. You are one of the best colleagues and therefore I want to send warm wishes to my entire MBI TEAM!! Urvi Gala, Haresh Chawda, Harshal Patil, Porinita Newar, Anuja Baraskar, Satish R Kakade, Atish Mhatre, Nayan, Sushma, Rakesh, Sameer Bhanushali, Lokesh Savla 🙂

Congratulations to each one of us…Many successful years to come…Cheersss….

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