Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi JayantiMahatma Gandhi needs no introduction. He is called the father of the nation for his relentless hardwork in freedom struggle of India from the British rule. Some of his biggest tools to fight against the British were non-violence and non-cooperation. By practicing non-violence, he showed to the world his threshold of patience.

Mahatma Gandhi’s famous words were ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and the simple life that he led has been an example for many. It is not just in India, Gandhi is famous all over the world for his non-violent maneuver. Gandhi was born on 2nd of October 1869 and his birthday is celebrated all over India as national holiday.

Apart from that, United Nations has also endorsed 2nd of October as world non-violence day. We have a lot to learn from Gandhi in these days where people are frustrated by petty things. People who crave for luxuries should get inspired from Gandhi who gave up everything to lead a simple life. Gandhi said that he wanted to live the same life which most fellow Indians lived – the life of poverty.

He practiced non-violence all throughout his life irrespective of the circumstances. In these days of terrorism and corruption we should all take a leaf out of Gandhi’s book. From today, let’s take a pledge to slowly adopt Gandhi’s principles in our day to day life.

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