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Squidoo Acquired by HubPages: Content Migration Will Start in a Few Weeks

Squidoo-Acquired-by-HubPagesOn August 15, 2014, Seth Godin, the owner and founder of Squidoo, made a significant announcement. Godin informed the world that the social content platform he founded is no more an independent property; it has become a property of HubPages, the popular user generated content, revenue-sharing website.

Godin founded Squidoo close to nine years back i.e. in 2005. The site known for boasting high quality content allows users to create lenses consisting of content and topics. The Panda hit of 2011 had great impact on a number of websites; Squidoo happens to be one of those sites. Probably that was the time when Godin and other members of his team started thinking different. It’s just a speculation; it’s not yet known whether this acquisition has anything to do with the impact the Panda hit had on Squidoo.

The most significant fact here is that the company that acquired Squidoo i.e. HubPages was also hit by the Panda update of 2011. However, HubPages managed to withstand the storm pretty efficiently and its popularity among users was not diminished even after 2011. The tricks the website adopted for weathering the Panda storm was described by HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson in an interview a couple of years back.

Squidoo announced that they will now be moving all its best content to the website of HubPages. However, they have made it clear that users should not expect the process to get over quickly; according to them, it will take a few weeks for them to complete the content migration process.

Godin said that once the content migration process is over, all the traffic Squidoo used to enjoy will be redirected to HubPages automatically. He added he has his team have been extremely busy since some time as they were developing transfer tools for making the migration process simpler.

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