The current Issue – Net Neutrality and the Monopolistic Telcos

Unless you have been under a rock, you must have been hearing everyone talking about Net Neutrality in the last few days. As of now, India has no rules regulating any functions of Net neutrality. The rising debate is segregating the country into various opinions and groups.

So what exactly is Net Neutrality?

The simplest way to describe net neutrality is equality of all the Data Packets. The internet bills are calculated based on the amount of the data used and have no connection whatsoever, what data has been accessed.

Basically, the internet providers cannot sensor stuff and give preference to some data over the other. So any violation of the Net Neutrality would mean that your service provider can control what data you access, how much data you can access, the speed of access of data and what you have to shell out to access with ease.

Is Net Neutrality Important? What does it change?

Well Of course, it is very important!

Any violation of Net Neutrality would jeopardize the basic right to freedom of choice. A service provider:

  • Would charge more for certain accessing websites
  • Can block certain websites while promoting the others
  • It could even become more expensive to use certain applications
  • It definitely endangers the startups that try their level best to gain Page rankings
  • Completely in benefit of the Telcos, which will make this violation their biggest money making project.

Boldly supporting Net Neutrality

For free access to knowledge, speech and freedom of expression, it is essential for the access to data to be totally neutral and unbiased; which means:

  • All websites should be easily accessible without any conditions and restrictions
  • All websites and applications should be accessible over uniform speed and should be charged as per the amount of Data Used, as in, as per the number of KBs and MBs used.
  • There should be no gateway to cross while accessing internet. It should have free access

Join Hands against violations

The most important thing on your schedule right now should be to respond to TRAI and share your opinions. A petition on already has 150000 + supporters firmly requesting TRAI to denounce the differential pricing module.

A newly designed website called has been created specifically for the purpose of voicing public opinions. The people are allowed to make their suggestions based on the TRAI Consultation Paper and all opinions made before 24th April would be considered. This website sends your recommendation to TRAI in just two clicks.

Log on now and speak for yourself!

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