What Is Artificial Intelligence

AI specifically refers to “artificial intelligence” and this can be used to describe any time a computer does something which would require the intelligence of a human i.e. anything that mimics human intelligence is known to be artificial intelligence.

You can easily interact with AI on a daily basis. Here are given some of the best ways in which you can interact with artificial intelligence.

  • For the purpose of determining the most appropriate result for a search, popular search engines like Google is involved in using AI i.e. algorithms like Rankbrain.
  • AI is also mainly used by the automated marketing emails so as to figure out what emails to send based on how you have interacted with a website or a business.
  • Recently, in online messengers, chatbots are becoming very much common and so the larger brands can assist customers efficiently and immediately.
  • There are again various types of online ads which make use of AI for the purpose of determining who should see a specific ad on the basis of search queries, interests along with past behavior.
  • To determine the best results for those conversational queries and also a long-tail keyword, voice searches on smartphones or smart speakers make use of AI.

How Does AI Work?

Artificial intelligence or AI specifically makes use of machine learning so as to mimic human intelligence. As a result, the computer has to learn how to exactly respond to certain actions so; it makes uses of historical data and algorithms for creating a propensity model.

Again, the propensity models will start making predictions like scoring leads or something else. AI can also do much more than this, but these are considered to be the most common uses and functionality for marketing.

But, it is also true; that humans are still is need for doing much of the work. Mainly, this AI is used for the purpose of saving time. By adding people to the email automation and allowing AT to do most of the work helps to save our time and meanwhile, we can work on other tasks.

How Do Marketers Use AI?

AI generally helps in the determination of the local search results i.e. what is considered to be the best business for the needs of a searcher. Whenever a person searches for pizza, AI has to figure out whether the person wants to find a pizza place or want to know more about pizza.

Along with that, the ads that we mainly create for the clients are shown to the local consumers which partially depend on who AI determines to be the right audience for an ad.

Final Words

So, it is evident that the AI or artificial intelligence is still prevalent in the strategy and also you need to have someone for the purpose of watching over your marketing. Thus, it makes sure that AI is not detrimental to your marketing. Alongside this, you should also focus on a human element to your marketing.

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