What is Online Reputation Management?

Online-Reputation-ManagementOnline reputation management is no different from what it means offline. Basically it is what you do and what others say about you.

For good business you need goodwill that on turn is the outcome of your reputation. Since commercial world is highly dependent on Internet and web world, managing online reputation has assumed a much greater significance in recent times.

What does online reputation management mean?

Your reputation is created by what others say about you and the same analogy applies in case of online reputation. Thus basically online reputation management means that online viewers, critics, and reviewing websites, all say good things about it. At least you have to ensure that no one says things adverse that will damage your reputation online.

Reputation can be damaged without you being responsible for it.

While your online reputation will largely depend on your activities, it may still be damaged without you being responsible for it in any way.

  • Very often rumors and conjectures by others can damage your reputation online.
  • Sometimes inaction by others can cost you dearly as happened in case of Michael Brown who got all the blames because the American Government did not respond properly to the threat of hurricane Katrina.

Therefore online reputation management involves preventing your getting adverse publicities owing to actions taken by you or others associated with you.

Online reputation management means that viewers see your positive sites.

Millions of people surf the web everyday and when they use the leading search engines for getting information, immediately they get ORM-Processthousands. Some of them may have information about you and your enterprise and all of them may not be to your liking. You can prevent this possibility by –

  • Uploading highly relevant contents on your site or blog.
  • The information provided by you should be consistently updated so as to get favorable responses.
  • Other methods like press releases and using the social media networking sites could also help.

What really the bad contents damaging online reputation could be?

It may be a case that you are unsure about what contains “bad” publicity material on the web that could damage your reputation. To learn about this you could check up the online reputation of some sites. An example is “Starbucks”. When you try check on it you will find some very hateful contents about it on the web. That damages the reputation of the site and convincing viewers and others about the shallowness of such comments or views what reputation management online is all about.

Damage repair and prevention are the essence of online reputation management

Many top organizations and sites online are target to such scandals and they consistently make efforts for damage repair online. While such damages created by disenfranchised employees or disassociated partners may not be as damaging as people understand that they may have a grudge element involved, negative remarks by customers online could cause much greater damages to the reputation of your enterprise or site.

When damage is caused, it will be necessary repairing it. But even better method would be preventing the damages from occurring at all.

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