Bye Bye Google Author Photos from Search

Google-Removing-Author-Photos-768x475Those who are familiar with Google and its working procedure must be aware of the fact that Google holds the key both in your rise and decline in the online world. This makes reading this news piece extremely important for everyone associated with the world of internet.

Most were left surprised when they saw John Mueller announcing that soon Google will bid adieu to the concept of having authorship photos in all its search results. This was a bad news particularly for people who optimized their Google author photos by putting in their best efforts. The majority of SEO experts to date have always suggested webmasters to link content writers to Google authorship. Verifying authorship was of extreme importance to date both for enjoying improved brand visibility and greater click-through rates through introduction of real people in search results.

This announcement has resulted in immediate decline in customary authorship snippets; the MozCast feature graph showed a 10% decline just within 24 hours of the announcement. You can expect to witness further decline in the coming days.

So, what does the announcement made by Mueller actually mean? It means that the author photos in the majority of the Google search results will no more be there. Mueller hasn’t mentioned the exact date of introduction of this change; however, he has indicated that the advertising giant has plans to roll it out globally very soon.

The system until now was like this: if an author had his authorship verified through Google+, by allowing Google to display it he could have seen his author photo as a part of Google’s search results. The formula was same for an individual’s author photo and his or her Google circle counts. Things will not be the same once the above mentioned change is introduced; from now on Google will only be displaying the name of the authors in search snippets and circle counts and photos will be dropped.

Google News, on the other hand, presents a twist to this story. Google has different plans for Google News authors. Google has planned to show websites listed on Google News to add a small image as author photo to the news snippets. The news photo snippets will obviously be bigger. Those who are wondering how Google News authorship will look in search results of mobile phones will have to wait for some more time as it’s not yet known what Google has planned for mobile phone users.

Why Google decided to make this change suddenly? According to Mueller, the tech giant is taking some new steps for cleaning up the visual layout of Google search results; they are trying to make things more mobile responsive.

There are also a number of things that isn’t changing. For instance, Google is not removing authorship; the search results will still show the authors’ names; the amendment will not have any effect on your ranking on search engine result pages; you will still need to verify your authorship for better snippets.

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