Boat sailing to the top. See how a home-grown brand became the leader of the market spontaneously.

Boat sailing to the top. See how a home-grown brand became the leader of the market spontaneously.


Boat is an Indian based consumer electronics brand that was co-founded by Aman Gupta and Ashok Mehta in 2015. Boat offers earphones, headphones stereos, speakers, travel chargers, and rugged cables. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for headphones and earbuds. Everyone has their own tastes, even when it comes to music. In this instance, headsets and earphones are required so that you can listen to your favourite tracks without bothering others.

It takes a long time for a brand to achieve its objectives and meet its targets. A strong marketing campaign, on the other hand, can help a brand achieve record-breaking success. Boat’s marketing and promotion began with a mix of influencer marketing and brand tie-ins with a number of sports teams and events, including the IPL, Sunburn, and Lakme Fashion Week.

From the outset, boat has been aimed at young people who are interested in fitness. Boat offers an extensive varitiey of products. All of the products were created with their intended demographic in mind. To promote the product’s features, such as durability, the boat created advertisements that featured people wearing all of those gadgets while performing strenuous exercises and jogging.

The boat has focused its marketing efforts on digital marketing and social media since the outset. Keeping this in mind, the boat firm has appointed all of the industry’s youthful faces as brand ambassadors. These ambassadors represent some of India’s most popular interests. But their primary focus was on the athletes who were used to convey the brand’s message that represents a journey, a crossing, adventure, and exploration.

Every buyer of a Boat accessory becomes a member of the ever-expanding clan. Boat calls its customers  “boAtheads”. The name “boAtheads” evokes a sense of belonging in users. Boat places a high importance on its customers and works closely with them to develop better products. The constant celebrity endorsement and putting the customer first has led to tremendous success.

Boat has achieved enormous success by properly implementing all branding techniques and carefully picking their target demographic, and it is only going to get bigger and better in the future. In India, the boat was named the top brand for fully wireless and earwear in 2020, with a 18.3% market share. It was named the world’s fifth-largest wearable earwear brand in 2020. The never-ending commitment and tenacity lead to victory. Since its beginning, the firm has tweaked its strategy and continues to do so to this day.


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