How roasting their customers became wendy’s out-of-the-box marketing strategy?

How roasting their customers became wendy’s out-of-the-box marketing strategy?

Wendy’s was started on November 15, 1969. Dave Thomas named the restaurant in the honor of his daughter. This is the brand that Thomas wanted to create that offers fast food and create a heartwarming environment.

Social Media Marketing is a highly risky and highly benefited kind of process. As we know most of the brutal and painful content we come across from all the social media platforms is Twitter. Basically, being funny on such a platform is difficult. It used to be that if you made a customer happy, they would tell their five friends. Now, with the spark of the internet, whether online customer reviews or social media, they can tell 50,000 friends. Because of this, we can say that the power has shifted to the customer.

But there are odds. Wendy’s started giving freakish and out-of-the-box replies to their customers on social media platforms mostly on Twitter. We all know that their aim is to sell burgers, but the tweets were so funny and good.

Wendy’s wasn’t afraid to use the strategy of roasting fans, cracking jokes and calling out competitors. The brand is represented by a sweet-faced, red-haired girl (Thomas Dave’s daughter). Their secret ingredient throughout the whole cook is Reply Rate, consistency, relatable, and playful replies. Wendy’s replied to over 20,000 tweets in an average of 15 minutes per tweet! All the tweets were funny and problem-solving. Their social media team is focused on that they are definitely engaging as well as witty as possible to keep their customers happy.

While their savage roasts and quirky replies might not have resulted in tons of customer visits, it certainly did help build a loyal customer following. And it allowed the company to continuously showcase how it’s different, whether it be a humorous reply or serving burgers and fries.

Wendy’s used their strategy of roasting their customers and seemed to build a good relationship with their audience. Choosing to serve a few instead of the pile. Other brands have tried this strategy, but very few of them truly succeed. Wendy’s is one of them.

Wendy’s won the first spot on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list of 2019 in the category of Social Media platform. Wendy’s tweets were hilarious, interactive, and smart.

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