Name is what it takes to share your happiness.

Name is what it takes to share your happiness.

Name is what it takes to share your happiness. See how writing names on bottles benefited Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola company is an American multinational beverage corporation often referred as coke. Originally it was made as a patent medicine and marketed as a temperance drink in late 19th century. A businessman named Asa Griggs Candler bought the company and led to success through his marketing skills in 20th century.

Coca-Cola known for its greatest marketing campaign came up with the exciting campaign called “share a coke” in 2011 in Australia. The primary and the main objective of the campaign was to increase sales in Australia and secondary objective was engaging its customer by talking to them and also improve the brand image.

Coke started their multichannel rollout of “Share a Coke” campaign through Australian newspapers and TV commercials and bill boards. Top 150 names were printed onto the millions of bottles. But it was social media channels, particularly Facebook that the campaign really started picking up the pace. On Facebook, users engaged broadly. The campaign had achieved a mass sharing and customers could connect with each other. A huge amount of social media content was created by encouraging many consumers to participate.

The concept of sharing  in the was community family-centric. People were able to connect the message of love and understanding. It created a global family. Targeting the websites teenagers visit, the T.V. shows they watch, the place they hangout and the people they listen to through publicity also helped to promote the campaign and get the word out #shareacoke.

The share a coke was used over 585,000 and shared over 800,000 times on just Facebook. They witnesses a huge increase in their followers across the social media channels. Sales was over 250 million coke products in a country of 23 million people. The Coca-Cola consumption ratio was up by 7% among young to adult.

Our name is the most personal thing to us, it is our fingerprint and our identity. Coca-Cola gave their consumers a good chance to communicate themselves through a bottle of Coke, and also to share their experience with the other person. In the end, the campaign was a huge success and reached their objectives which was increasing their sales, engaging with the target audience and also increase the brand image among millennials.

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