Celebrating 1st Anniversary of Matrix Bricks Infotech

matrix bricksTime passes so easily and here we are today celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Matrix Bricks Infotech. We are heartily congratulating Mr. Mehul Brahmbhatt for giving us this opportune moment to celebrate and take this company to a certain height. There are plenty to do as far as success is concerned, but this 1 year has passed with many experiences and hard work which will be forever alive and will boost our confidence in future endeavor. Hope our plans work smoothly and we get a great deal of felicitous surprises through our dedicated team that will altogether make our Matrix Bricks Infotech Family feel proud.

Mr. Mehul Brahbhatt (CEO of Matrix Bricks Infotech) shared his thoughts with us –

“For celebrations, this one year duration seems less. I want to pronounce that the time and efforts put by each and every member of this group are the result of this achievement. My visions are high, but without a trusted team I couldn’t have gained that courage to see the sky by my naked eyes. Thanks to all for such amazing support. I may ask you for more, but that would be always in ways of living our same dreams to lead the family in right direction. We are yet to grow in business and number of team members, but the results will certainly be positive and impressive if this way we keep ourselves happy and dedicated to work.”

Sharing the unspoken words by team –

A lot to see in future and we are all set to face the challenging time with full swing and wishes. This was an auspicious moment to express our unspoken words. Without writing much, all we want to say as a team of MBI that “we are here to share all good and bad times together and will let you feel proud of us. Thank you for always understanding and giving us liberty to work in our own passion and pace. We wish you all the best for future and will participate in work with complete zest”.

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upload pics of the celebrations too 😀

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