Top secrets behind a successful brand in 2021 – Social Media Marketing

Top secrets behind a successful brand in 2021 – Social Media Marketing

Cimton is a manufacturer of confectionery products like Sweets, Toffees, Lolly pop, Jellies etc. Distributing and supplying Confectionery Products in all over India and Export in Middle East country and Africa. Processed using Coconut, Rich coconut, Milk, Sugar and other healthy ingredients, these Toffees suits the taste of the people of all age groups.

Cimton has had a glorious past in manufacturing food products like sweets and toffees. Their mission is to provide their customers with some newly flavoured naturally made toffees which have a unique status in the market.


The best businesses in any industry focus relentlessly on the ultimate driver of their success: the customer. The confectionery industry has important channel

partners-distributors, wholesalers, retailers-who are of course valued

customers. But the ultimate arbiter of their success is the customer, they call a consumer, because this is the person who decides whether their chocolates, lollipops or Sweets is worth the money in his or her product today. & whether it will still be worth the price tomorrow.

Understanding customers & thereby gaining their business depends largely, of course, on listening. Getting in touch with the consumers & getting their unfiltered opinion is the main problem that the company was facing. Hence it was important for them to find a way of doing what was require to overcome this problem.

How did Matrix Bricks come up with a solution

Matrix Bricks, one of the top agencies in the field of digital marketing has consistently proved that strength lies in delivering solutions that exceeds the expectations of the client. With an objective to maintain these standards. After a brief discussion with the client & understanding their vision, our team was able to come up with some reasoning that built a bridge for the client in understanding the strength of social media marketing activities performed at Matrix Bricks Infotech:

The technological developments are having con-siderable impact upon any organisation in variety of ways. The emergence of online technology has revolutionised the marketing operations all over the world.

Social media technology has modified the ways for managing the relationship between the brands and the customers. Success of the social media lies in a fact that it has provided the medium through which people interact with each other. They have been able to maintain connections with one another.The marketers are using the social media sites for fostering the brands. They employ social media to understand customer expectations and then develop appropriate strategies to promote their offerings for achieving the marketing goal.

Social media platforms are not just a trend that has to be followed. Rather they have proofed their importance in building relationship of a brand with the customer, grabbing potential customers, customer retention, high end promoting system, and brand’s potential growth. Companies cannot afford to tend to ignore such a vital platform for the development of their brand.


Social media offers the confectionery industry an unprecedented opportunity to leverage the voice of the customer in developing & delivering products that can attract, engage & return loyal customers.

The likely fact is that consumers are talking about your brand or your business. You can remain silent while the conversation continues or you can present your own point of view.

It provides the R&D or production professional the opportunity to access the voice of the consumer almost immediately, in real time & with little effort.

Companies that integrate social media into their culture & operation will strengthen alignment of their business & brand strategies


Social Media Marketing is an approach of marketing which enables businesses to take the feedback, comments, and suggestions from their customers through blogs, pictures and ratings and improve their products and services so that customer’s needs could be addressed in a more proactive manner.


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