Social Media Metrics That Matter

Did you understand that once it comes to metrics of social media, there are many things that you could be examining? But the actual thing is, do you recognize where to search them and are they all required for your business? In this article, we will get information about the metrics you can collect from the best social networks and that matter a lot for your business Social Media.

What Do You Know About Social Media Metrics?

If talking about social media metrics then these are statistics and data which provide you insights into your overall marketing performance.

Even as some metrics of Social Media Marketing are universal, there are even some metrics that are platform specific and you have to learn. In addition, some information is computed differently as per on the social media metrics tools and platform you are going to use.

But do not worry, we have you properly covered. We are going to divide all of the metrics you want to know:

Official Social Media Metrics

At start, let us take a look at the social media metrics you can get straight from the top network of social media. Here is how you get them and what you can become skilled at them.

Facebook Insights Metrics

Facebook provides the most inclusive metrics for company pages. You can begin the process by going to the page “Platform Insights: to see a complete list of all of your Pages recently tracking metrics.

Whenever you will click on the Page you wish to check, you would be taken to the insights report of Facebook for that particular Page. Here, you would find a complete overview of your most crucial metrics, followed by complete sections on your reach, Likes, posts, visits and people.

Now we are discussing about Overview Tab

It comprises the following metrics:

Page Likes: Complete Page Likes is the total number of exclusive people that like your Page. If comes to New Page Likes then it shows the total number of new Likes of your Page that is received throughout the last seven to ten days, evaluated with the earlier same period.

Post Reach: It is the total reach of unique people that have seen any content related with your Page, together with ads, throughout the last some days. It shows the total number of unique people that have visited your Page posts.

User Engagement: It is the total number of people that have liked, clicked, commented on or shared your posts throughout the last some days.

Next, you would see a complete overview of the engagement metrics for the last five to six posts on the page of your Facebook account.

These social media metrics comprise the following:

Reach: It is the total number of people that have viewed your post. Your total post counts as reaching somebody when it is shown in the News Feed.

User Engagement: Total number of people that engaged on your post is the total number of unique people that have liked, clicked, commented on a page post.

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