Google Page Rank Update – December 2013

Google-PR-update Page Rank: What It Actually Is?

Is the term “Google page rank” new to you? If yes, then you must miss reading this page carefully. The term “page rank” is used for the algorithm created by Google based on which this search engine gives points to different websites and web pages on 10. To be more precise, a blog or website can obtain any page rank (PR) points from 1 to 10. Blogs or websites with high PR points i.e. between 5 and 10 are ranked higher on the search engine result pages and enjoy a host of benefits offered by Google. The basic factor on which the Page rank of a particular website depends is on the number of back links generated by it; in other words, the higher will be the number of high quality back links created by a website, the more will be its chances of getting a high rank on PR updated Google result pages. To put it differently, the system of keeping Google Page Rank updated helps websites and blogs to improve their position on SERP (search engine result pages). These updates also enable faster indexing of websites and blogs, attract more and more advertisers and the frequency of guest post submission.

Google PR Updated December 2013

The updates are made at regular intervals. Usually, people associated with the world of internet or working as SEO experts know the time of Google PR updates. However, there are some instances when Google take such steps without any prior notification. The Google PR update of December 2013 is one such incident.

Are you wondering what this new update has done to the position of your website? If yes, then you should check the current Google page rank of your site without any further delay. For people who are not aware of the right process of checking PR, our advice is: “please seek assistance from a qualified and experienced SEO professional”.

How to Increase Google Page Rank?

There are many ways of improving Google PR of your website. However, the process that is most effective is use of search engine optimization or SEO techniques. For having a search engine optimized web page, you must ensure that the page title includes all the primary keywords. You can also experience great results by adding meta-titles. The other thing you must do for making a web page SEO friendly is adding all vital keywords in its description. Presence of those keywords is also a must for the introductory paragraph of the content of the page. In addition, the subject of the content should be relevant to the keywords it contains. If you cannot follow all these guidelines on your own, take help from a reputable SEO expert.

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