Graphic Designing & Its Types

Graphic-DesigningIf you are considering a career of graphic designer then it will be necessary learning its types.

Graphic designing is an extremely broad concept and it touches multiple aspects of visuals. Some of oft used components of graphic designs are –

  • Texts and letters;
  • Colors and its various dimensions;
  • Illustration of objects;
  • Photographic features; images, and other visuals;
  • Information development; and
  • Physical materials of any type.

What Graphic Design Involves

Graphic designs are used for multiple purposes. It could be creation of logos, diagrams, maps, covers for eBooks, contents, and even for digital interface creation. The list is only suggestive and in no way exhaustive.

Types of Graphic Designs

Graphic designs could be so diverse and the fields are so overlapping that it is extremely difficult narrowing down these fields to a specific few. However some generalizations can still be made regarding various types of graphic designs. Major types are –

  • Designs based on images.
  • Designs based on texts.
  • Combo designs involving images and typing.
  • Logos and symbol based designs.

Designs Based on Images

Basic objectives of using graphic designs by any designer are creating an excellent communication with the end users and clients. Reasons are multiple such as –

  • Images are extremely expressive and therefore constitute great ways of creating communication system.
  • It is easier understanding the moods and emotions much better when they are represented through images than any other means.
  • Viewers respond to the images instinctively depending on their respective personalities.
  • Essence of image based designs is that it should carry the entire message that the designer or the site wishes to convey.

Image Based Design Subtypes

Some of the subtypes of image based graphic designs are as follows.

  • Photographic images.
  • Painted images.
  • Sketches.
  • Other images created with graphics.

Designs Based on Typing

Graphic designs are not only about the images but they are also created using texts. However the use of text is vastly different from the way they are used by writers and people in general.  Designers give the typed words and texts an artistic form that conveys the desired message for communicating with the targGraphic Designet audience. For this they use both typed and handwritten letters and texts and present them in the most attractive manner on films, signs, packages, and other objects. They also invariably make the ordinary texts look different and try to extract positive response from them.

Combo Graphics

At times the designers use combo graphics that means they use a combination of images and texts. Combining typing expertise with expressive images they create designs that combine all the elements of photographic images, illustrations, as well as fine arts. Task that is cut out for the designers is creating a fine balance of all these elements of graphic designing.

Symbols and Logo Designing

Perhaps the most important and extensively used graphic design type is the one that is used for logo designing and symbols designing that are highly expressive and excellent medium of communication.

Symbols represent abstract identity of the object or entity whereas logos are essential for brand recognition. A well made logo or symbol can create a very good communication link with the target audience.

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