Growth of responsive web designing use in websites

responsive web designHave you browsed the Internet lately? Of late, you would find that there are a lot of websites that are responsive to the extent that when you were viewing them from a variety of platforms, they will be adapting to that platform. In other words, the website is actually getting adapted to the various operating systems, as well as various platforms like mobile phones, desktop, tablets, and a variety of other Internet browsing devices. It is those websites that have undergone responsive web designing.

So, responsive web designing is mainly the job of making the website to be responsive to all platforms, be it mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, and ensure that people can get the maximum output from the website. There are web designing companies that go for such prospective website creation, and provide such services for the people that would like to target customers, or get users from various platforms.

The prime difference between a normal website and a responsive website would be its nature of adaptability. For a normal website, it would work well with the platform that it was intended to be on. In most circumstances, it would be the laptop or the computer. However, such websites will break down into frames, when viewed from another Internet browsing device, supposedly mobile phones and tablets. However, when it comes to responsive websites, they will be able to adapt the website to the different mediums of browsing. For example, if you’re browsing a website that is responsive in your mobile phone, the website would adapt to the screen resolution of the mobile phone to provide you with the optimum browsing experience.

So, what is the benefit of a responsive website? It is the flexibility that you get, and the amount of user demographics that you can target with just a small tweak in the website designing. Nowadays, browsing websites through the mobile Internet is of common occurrence. So, if your website is not tuned to working with the mobile phones and providing optimum visual experience, people would migrate to some other website. So, as a prospective business owner or just a plain Webmaster, why would you risk losing such a huge demographics? Instead, with just some flexible, responsive web designing done, you will be able to gain a lot of new users.

Also, there is no need for you to provide different URL for different mode of website viewing. For example, there is no need for you to provide mobile URL only targeting mobile phones, a laptop URL only targeting laptops and desktops and the same applies for tablet. Also, when changes are to be done to the website, in a responsive website, the changes would only need to be done to a single web design. In case of normal website, you would have to provide changes to all the subsequent websites of the same URL.

In most cases, there is little or no difference in a responsive website. However, there are certain Flash elements that shall be included in the website, and it is definitely going to make the website more graphically exuberant in the eyes of the user.

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