Why we
want to do?

Best Strategic Tool to
combat this Pandemic


O - Observe

I - Intend

C - Conclude

E - Execute

If There Is A Will, There Is A Way

Experts are predicting huge down fall of Economy due to the Corona . I do not know much about these experts. But I know for sure that they do not know anything about the value of human motivation and determined efforts. If experts were to be believed, after the total destruction in 2nd World War Japan had NO future. BUT the same Japan in just 3 decades or so, made US cry at the market place.If the experts were to be believed, Israel should have been wiped out from the world map by the Arabs, but the fact is different.

As per the rules of Aerodynamics, the Bumble Bee can NOT fly. But it flies, because it does not know the rules of Aerodynamics.If the experts were to be believed, we should have been no where in 83 Cricket World Cup.If the experts were to be believed Wilma Rudolf, the first American lady to win 4 Olympic Gold in Athletics , should not have been in a position to walk without braces, no question of running.

If the experts were to be believed Arunima Sinha can hardly lead a normal life. But she climbed the Mount Everest.The corona crisis is no different. I do not have any doubt that, We will defeat the Corona hands down and The Indian Economy will bounce back in a great manner.

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Learning to live with ambiguity and uncertainty is a necessary precondition for more opportunity

What to do
in crisis?

Think of recovery in 3 parallel phases



What to do now?



What to do next?



What to do for the long-term

There is no certainty whether the global economy will experience



What to do now?
  • Governance of human resources, finances and supply chain / procurement
  • Prioritizing digital commerce
Immediate Actions
  • How to run business services effectively during COVID-19 crisis
  • How to maintain responsive customer service
  • New ways of marketing and communication
  • Creating a digital workplace


What to do next?

7 functions of business Sales

  • 1. Sales
  • 2. Marketing
  • 3. R & D
  • 4. Operations
  • 5. HR
  • 6. Accounts
  • 7. Management

Drivers of Growth

1. Transformation
2. Automation
3. Security


  • Digital Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Continuation
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Analytics & Big Data
  • Increased Productivity
  • Informed Decisions
  • Extended Global Reach
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Cost Optimization
  • Increased Sales
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Business Growth / Profitability


What to do for the long-term

Important Things You Need to Know

  • A time of massive change
  • Technology does not stop evolving
  • Up to one in five jobs will go to robots

Extent to which an organization's primary business activity will transform over next 3 years

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Mr. Mehul Brahmbhatt
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A message from our Chairman

I would like to thank our customers, partners, investors, industry associates, team members, and their families for their tremendous cooperation and support. In the face of adversity, I look to the strength of human ability that lies within each of us. As human beings, it's our collective responsibility to help each other and overcome this pandemic. The virus does not respect borders, cultures or ethnicities. Let's do the right things today, to build a better tomorrow and set an example for all. Encourage leadership in you and follow your faith. We all together will overcome this testing time and rise as victorious

- Mr. Mehul Brahmbhatt

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