26th January – The Indian Republic day

Happy-Republic-DayRepublic day is one of the most important days in Indian freedom struggle second to perhaps only 15th August – the Indian Independence day. It is a national holiday but not many people know the importance of this day. This was the day when the Indian constitution first came in to effect and replaced the previous constitution made by the Englishmen.

Apart from that, this day holds one more important memory. Indian National Congress announced Purna Swaraj or Declaration of Indian Independence on 26th January 1930. Unfortunately, this year, the republic day falls on Sunday which means there won’t be any extra holiday in this week but still we can should wake up early and catch up with all the activities which will take place in Delhi.

A unique part of the celebration is that India hosts head of state of a foreign country as guest of honor during the event. France has distinction of being guest of honor for 4 times which is the most. Russian (USSR), Mauritius, and Bhutan state heads have been here three times each in previous celebrations.

All of at Matrix Bricks Infotech wish you all a very happy Republic day. On this day, let’s think about all the heroes who worked hard for Indian Independence.

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