A Very Happy Birthday Anuja Baraskar

birthdaySuch an awesome day it is to say that it’s my “Birthday”. The last day of the year and two reasons to celebrate – one is to have birthday bash and two is to welcome the most anticipated year. So, it’s our PHP Developer’s Birthday Anuja Baraskar and we wish her a great future ahead in her life. Hope that she get what is she expecting in the beginning of this year. 2013 should be proved lucky for her and for all of us.

On her birthday, miss Anuja has much more to reveal as she is one of the most innocent and hard working lady in our office who don’t mess up her time in gossiping. Just coming to office and working have proven her dignity. The way she delivers her work on time is very promising and made our company feel proud. In this auspicious day, we have raised a toast and forced her to open up and share her happiness and thoughts with us. And with her suppleness, she has exposed her views and came closer to the friendly relationship we share.

In Matrix Bricks Infotech, we have experienced one thing very closely, that every time we get that happening moment to enjoy greatly. We wish her a great day and hope that she get all the expecting gifts.

A Very Happy Birthday Anuja. 🙂



Thank you so mush for al your wishes! 🙂

A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

Happy birthday!

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