Best Attendee and Best Performer of January 2013

best performance of the month

We are glad that our “Best Attendee of the Month & Best performer of the Month” award has won by two employees from our group. We congratulate Ms. Anuja and Mr. Pravin for winning this award and showing their responsibilities and motivation towards work.

Most interesting part is that both are from Development team and stay on the toe to complete the assigned work on time. This passion must be kept forever and we hope that our entire team gets this award next month and keep winning different tags. We understand that today’s competition is much more challenging than it was earlier. There are diseases, illnesses, family securing, and much more that each employee has to focus on. Still, after looking all those things, they have managed to remain present for the entire month. We except this dedication towards work be always alive and our target be achieved soon for making Matrix Bricks Infotech one of the leading Online Service Provider in India.

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