Happy Birthday Amol

amol birthdayWe are pleased to have an opportunity to be a part of a special day of our dearest Amol Waske’s Birthday celebration. This is second time Amol is sharing his birthday with MBI team.

Amol is consistently working as dedicated search engine optimization expert since last two years. He is an integral companion of our expedition and has become one of the most favorite employee of our boss Mehul Sir.

He is well organized and a born leader on which we can rely even for intricate SEO assignments. He is full of positive vibes and driven by passion for profession which makes him confident and distinguishes from other staff.

The foremost benefit of having such dedicated employees is increased productivity and reliability. Thus, Matrix Bricks Infotech would love to say thanks to Amol on his special day for being a part of our team and contribution of his precious knowledge.

He takes our SEO efforts to new level by sharing his experience and knowledge with us. We really appreciate his work and devotion for company.

On behalf of entire MBI team, we wish you a very many happy returns of the day Amol Waske. Live long and a healthy life!

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