Happy Birthday Haresh

Happy Birthday Haresh

haresh birthdayHaresh Chawda has remained active in social media, blogging internet surfing and above all lovingly working as a Social Media Optimizer. His role in Matrix Bricks Infotech has massively benefited the company. He being the oldest staff in the company has always taken his job seriously and loved to work single-handedly for prolonged time in a day.

Now, why are we talking about him is because we are recalling how efficiently and actively he remained an important employee of MBI and by saying that we are celebrating his Birthday in a way that will make him cherish his memories in future. The best about him is that he loves celebrating each of his auspicious days with his co-employees and bosses. He is a man who bears a smile on his face all the time and loves other’s company. He knows how to respect people and their sentiments. He never disheartens anyone nor does he know how to disappoint someone for the work being asked to complete. Even with overloaded work, he remains calm, happy and determined. There are many things to learn from him especially the type of patience he has in himself.

Dear Mr. Haresh Chawda,
Today, we are very happy to have you backing the company and pushing us up during difficult times. We wish you a very good luck in near future and may all the happiness along with what you desire be fulfilled soon. May the smile on your face remain eternal and may you be the central person to spread that smile to people you meet.


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