Happy Birthday Porinita Newar

Porinita-Newar birthdayA big shout out to Porinita on her birthday!! We don’t know how special this birthday is for her, but we definitely know that this birthday of Porinita is extremely special for us, her colleagues at Matrix Bricks. This is the talented web developer’s first birthday at our company.

It’s been only a few months since Porinita has joined us, but she has already managed to become one of the most important part of our web developing team. She not only possesses the ability to learn quickly, but also has the much needed quality of putting in the best efforts for completing every single job assigned to her by the team leader. She is still very young, but her ability of analyzing situations and then taking actions based on the analysis is worth praising. Her performance and rapid progress has also left Mehul sir extremely happy.

While this is the first time Porinita is celebrating her birthday at our company, we hope that we get a chance to celebrate her birthday every year. We want such a great prospect to be a part of Matrix Bricks forever.

Many many wonderful returns of the day!!

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