Happy Birthday Satish !!!!

birthdayToday is our dear Satish Kakade’s birthday. It’s a special day for Matrix Bricks Infotech as Satish is one of those people who are with the company from the very first day. He has witnessed the growth of the company from a small unit represented by a few people to one of the most trusted names of the industry and played an extremely vital role in that.

Satish is loved by all because of his good nature; however, what makes him even a bigger asset for the company is his ability to work hard incessantly. During all these years, none of his bosses had to ever pressurize him to make him work hard. Once a job gets assigned to Satish, it always comes back completed within the given time frame. That’s not all; he knows how to maintain 100% perfection when completing jobs assigned to him.

Another great quality that has made him a great example for all the employees at Matrix Bricks Infotech is his habit of not skipping office unless it’s an absolute emergency.

Wishing you many happy returns of the day Satish!

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