Holi Haiii! Beacons as the Festival of Colors

holiHoli is the festival of colors and is the religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus in India and Nepal. It is also observed by the minority Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, the United States, Fiji, and Mauritius. As the name signifies, it is the festival of joy where numerable colors are used to apply on each other and enjoy the day to the core. It is a one day festival, but celebrated in advance especially by children who like bursting water balloons on others.

This year, the festival is dated on March 27. Holi festival India is celebrated when the Pooranmashi or Full Moon appears or during Phalgun Purnima as said in Hindi language. Originally, Holi Festival is celebrated for 3 to 16 days. There is a specific reason for playing Holi. As per mythology, it is believed that Holi is celebrated also by burning the effigies of king of demons ‘Hiranyakashipu’. He was blessed by lord Brahma for not being touched by death which he received after long penance. He was later killed for his wrong moves after getting blessed for not being killed. So, he was killed by Narsimha, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who kept the blessed law and killed in an intelligent way. To honor this day, Holi was started and till today we keep it alive.

People get holiday for this festival and visit at their friends and families to celebrate the day. Varied colors are sold during the festival which people apply on each other get completely colorful. Effigies are burnt in views that all negative energy is burnt down and the positive energy is welcomed in everyone’s life. So we wish a grand Happy Holi to everyone and bring positive energy into their lives.

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However, we would definitely like to recommend one thing that today’s colors are made of chemical ingredients which can be harmful to skin, eyes and other parts of the body. So, play Holi festival of colors with the powdered one which is called in Hindi as ‘Gulal’ and do not push into eyes, mouth or ears. Also avoid using the color if you face any skin allergies.

Wish you all a very Happy Holi.



Wishing you all a mastiful & safe HOLI!

Holi par rang barse gulal barse, Aap Sabhi ke uper apno ka pyar barse.
Rab se yahi duaa hai hamari aap sabhi khushi k liye nhi khushi aap k liye tarse..

Happy Holi to all..

Happy and Colorful Holi…………….:)

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