Nine Special Nights of Navratri

navratriThe long anticipated time has come where we all are busy in preparing for the nine day routine. Right from clothing to decorating homes are in schedule, and not to mention the dates are packed where we need to gear up and celebrate the festival with complete enthusiasm. This post, elaborates the charisma of Navratri (Nine Nights festival) and the tenth day (Dushera) which people celebrate whole-heartedly.

What is Navratri?

In simple words, it’s a nine nights, ten days festival where people worship the Hindu deity Shakti or Durga. The deity is worshipped in all these days who has got nine different forms as listed below –

  • Durga
  • Bhadrakali
  • Amba or Jagadamba
    (Mother of the Universe)
  • Annapoorna devi
    (bestowing grains in plenty)
  • Sarvamangala
    (giving joy to all)
  • Bhairavi
  • Chandika or Chandi
  • Lalita
  • Bhavani
  • Mookambika

Why Navratri is celebrated?

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma (the creator of everything) blessed a demon Mahisasur (buffalo rider) who then tries to destroy the earth by first attacking devtas (all deities). The demon decides to kill Indra, the king of all deities who together plea the trinity which includes lord Mahesh, Brahma and Vishnu to save everything. The three lords together release a part of their energy that combines and brings down goddess Durga on earth (named Shakti or Durga). She fights with Mahisasur for nine nights and one day. Throughout this fight, the demon keeps changing his forms. She finally grabs the demon under her foot and successfully kills him. One these nine days of Navratra, nine different forms of Shakti are worshipped.

Nine colors representing nine days

1.    Pratipada (Oct 16, Tuesday) – RED
2.    Dwitiya (Oct 17, Wednesday) – Sky Blue
3.    Tritiya/Chaturthi (Oct 18, Thursday) – Yellow
4.    Panchami (Oct 19, Friday) – Green
5.    Sashti (Oct 20, Saturday) – Grey
6.    Saptami (Oct 21, Sunday) – Orange
7.    Ashtami (Oct 22, Monday) – White
8.    Navami (Oct 23, Tuesday) – Pink
9.    Vijayadasami or Dushera (Oct 24, Wednesday) – Blue

During these nights, people come out of their home after wearing some new and nice clothes and participate in dance forms – Dandiya and Garba which are said to be a part of celebration. The entire nation is filled with glamorous decorations and lightings. Many different types of pandals are decorated where goddess Durga’s idols are kept. Pandals are decorated with unique themes and designs.


May Maa Durga empower you and your family With her nine swaroopa of name, fame, Health, wealth, happiness, humanity, education, bhakti & shakti. Happy Navratri!

Ae Halo…

May us all be blessed with good fortunes…many wishes…enjoy Navratri and 'Vijaydashami's pranaam' to all elderly 🙂

May your life be filled with happiness on this auspicious festival of Navratri.
Wishing you & your family, Happy Navratri!
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Navratrichya Hardik shubheccha!:)

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