Domain Registration

Without proper marketing, your work will always remain incomplete in terms of success and receiving extensive output. Therefore, we ensure that our clients should stay happy with all the innovative activities that we suggest and thereby promote their business into a highly competitive market. With the adaptation of latest technology, we believe that most of the attentions can be attracted across the globe through our appropriate approach.

Generic Domain Extensions

Generic Domain extensions are the most common and popular domain extensions. Companies will often register their domain name on a Generic extension such as ".com" or ".org," and further protect their name by registering the same domain name on international or specialty extensions. Certain country-code extensions like .in are exclusive to residents of India or established business entities of India. Registering a domain name on different extensions ultimately allows for future development of local websites and protects your domain name, brand, and trademark as well.

.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .coop, .aero, .name, .museum, .pro, .jobs, .travel, .mobi, .cat, .law.pro, .med.pro, .cpa.pro, .eng.pro, .avocat.pro, .bar.pro, .recht.pro, .jur.pro, .aaa.pro, .aca.pro, .acct.pro, .arc.pro, .bus.pro, .chi.pro, .chiro.pro, .den.pro, .dent.pro, .prof.pro, .teach.pro, .nurse.pro, .prx.pro, .pharma.pro, .rel.pro, .min.pro, .vet.pro, .cfp.pro, .ntr.pro, .opt.pro, .pha.pro, .pa.pro, .pod.pro, .psy.pro, .ed.pro, .pt.pro, .pr.pro, .nur.pro, .dds.pro, .tel

International Domain Extensions

The best way to protect your company's brand and domain name is to register your domain name with multiple international domain extensions, such as with your .in domain name. Doing so will also allow for future expansion into those markets with localized websites. The following is a list of available international extensions:

Asia Domain Registration

The following Asian domain extensions are available for registration (including .in). Before registering, be sure to check the individual requirements of each country. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding your Asian domain name.

.ac.ae, .ae, .af, .ah.cn, .asia, .bd, .bh, .bj.cn, .bn, .bt, .cn, .co.ae, .co.id, .co.il, .co.in, .co.ir, .co.jp, .co.kr, .co.om, .co.th, .co.tj, .co.uz, .com.af, .com.bd, .com.bh, .com.bn, .com.bt, .com.cn, .com.gu, .com.hk, .com.jo, .com.kg, .com.kh, .com.kw, .com.kz, .com.lb, .com.lk, .com.mm, .com.mo, .com.mv, .com.my, .com.np, .com.om, .com.ph, .com.pk, .com.ps, .com.qa, .com.ru, .com.sa, .com.sg, .com.sy, .com.tj, .com.tl, .com.tr, .com.tw, .com.uz, .com.vn, .com.ye, .cq.cn, .cx, .fj.cn, .gd.cn, .gov.ae, .gs.cn, .gu, .gx.cn, .gz.cn, .ha.cn, .hb.cn, .he.cn, .hi.cn, .hk, .hk.cn, .hl.cn, .hn.cn, .id, .il, .in, .iq, .ir, .jl.cn, .jo, .jp, .js.cn, .jx.cn, .kg, .kh, .kp, .kr, .kw, .kz, .la, .lb, .lk, .ln.cn, .mil.ae, .mm, .mn, .mo, .mo.cn, .mv, .my, .ne.jp, .ne.kr, .net.ae, .nm.cn, .np, .nx.cn, .om, .or.kr, .or.th, .org.ae, .ph, .pk, .ps, .qa, .qh.cn, .ru, .sa, .sc.cn, .sch.ae, .sd.cn, .sg, .sh.cn, .sn.cn, .su, .sx.cn, .sy, .th, .tj, .tj.cn, .tl, .tm, .tp, .tr, .tw, .tw.cn, .uz, .vn, .xj.cn, .ye

South America Domain Registration

Browse through our selection of available South American domain extensions and register your domain name in countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and more. We will process your registration as quickly as possible. Please remember to abide by all applicable country rules.

.am.br, .ar, .aw, .bo, .br, .cl, .co, .co.fk, .co.tt, .com.ar, .com.bo, .com.br, .com.co, .com.ec, .com.pe, .com.py, .com.tt, .com.uy, .com.ve, .ec, .fk, .fm.br, .gf, .gy, .net.br, .pe, .py, .sr, .tt, .tv.br, .uy, .ve

Central America Domain Registration

Are you looking for top-level and second-level domain extensions for Central America? If so, you definitely came to the right place! Check out our available extensions and register your domain name today.

.adult.ht, .ag, .ai, .art.ht, .asso.ht, .bb, .bs, .bz, .co.cr, .co.lc, .co.vi, .com.ag, .com.ai, .com.bb, .com.bs, .com.bz, .com.cu, .com.do, .com.gp, .com.gt, .com.hn, .com.ht, .com.jm, .com.ky, .com.lc, .com.ni, .com.pa, .com.pr, .com.sv, .com.vc, .com.vi, .cr, .cu, .dm, .do, .firm.ht, .gd, .gp, .gt, .hn, .ht, .info.ht, .isla.pr, .jm, .kn, .ky, .lc, .mq, .ms, .ni, .org.ht, .pa, .perso.ht, .pol.ht, .pr, .pro.ht, .rel.ht, .shop.ht, .sv, .tc, .vc, .vi

North America Domain Registration

Protect your domain name as well as your brand today by registering it on any number of second-level North American domain extensions reserved for the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

.ab.ca, .bc.ca, .bm, .ca, .com.bm, .com.mx, .mb.ca, .mx, .nb.ca, .nf.ca, .nl.ca, .ns.ca, .nt.ca, .nu.ca, .on.ca, .pe.ca, .pm, .qc.ca, .sk.ca, .um, .us, .yk.ca

Europe Domain Registration

We have made many top-level and second-level extensions available for our clients in the Europe. Reach international markets by registering your domain(s) in individual countries. Popular extensions include those for England, France, Germany, Italy, and many more!

.ac, .ad, .al, .am, .an, .at, .az, .ba, .be, .bg, .bv, .by, .ch, .co.at, .co.az, .co.ba, .co.ee, .co.gg, .co.gl, .co.hu, .co.im, .co.je, .co.ro, .co.rs, .co.uk, .co.yu, .com.al, .com.an, .com.az, .com.by, .com.cy, .com.ee, .com.es, .com.fo, .com.fr, .com.ge, .com.gi, .com.gl, .com.gr, .com.hr, .com.lv, .com.mk, .com.mt, .com.pl, .com.pt, .com.ro, .com.ua, .cs, .cy, .cz, .de, .dk, .edu.pl, .ee, .es, .eu, .fi, .fo, .fr, .gb, .ge, .gg, .gi, .gl, .gov.pl, .gr, .gs, .hr, .hu, .ie, .im, .io, .is, .it, .je, .ko, .li, .lt, .lu, .lv, .mc, .md, .me, .minsk.by, .mk, .mod.gi, .mt, .net.uk, .nl, .no, .or.at, .pl, .priv.pl, .pt, .ro, .rs, .se, .si, .sj, .sk, .sm, .tf, .tld.uk, .ua, .uk, .va, .vg, .yu

Oceania Domain Registration

Our Oceania domain registrations cover Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, and more. Please check with each individual country's laws regarding registering an Oceania extension before doing so.

.as, .au, .cc, .ck, .co.ck, .co.nz, .co.pn, .com.au, .com.fj, .com.ki, .com.nr, .com.pg, .com.sb, .fj, .fm, .hm, .ki, .mh, .mp, .notaires.km, .nr, .nz, .pf, .pg, .pharmaciens.km, .pn, .pw, .sb, .tk, .to, .tv, .veterinaire.km, .vu, .wf, .ws

Educational Domain Registration

Register your domain name or multiple domains for your educational institution or school with domain extensions reserved for the educational community.

.ac.il, .ac.ir, .ac.ke, .ac.ma, .ac.mu, .ac.mw, .ac.nz, .ac.rs, .ac.th, .ac.tj, .ac.vn, .ac.yu, .ed.ao, .edu.af, .edu.al, .edu.az, .edu.ck, .edu.ee, .edu.eg, .edu.gi, .edu.gl, .edu.gr, .edu.hk, .edu.jo, .edu.ki, .edu.km, .edu.lb, .edu.lv, .edu.ly, .edu.mg, .edu.mm, .edu.mn, .edu.mo, .edu.mt, .edu.mv, .edu.mw, .edu.mx, .edu.my, .edu.mz, .edu.ng, .edu.rs, .edu.sb, .edu.sd, .edu.sg, .edu.tj, .edu.vn, .sch.gg, .sch.ir, .sch.je, .sch.jo, .sch.ly, .school.nz

Government Domain Registration

Matrix Bricks is proud to offer government extensions for many countries. Be sure to double check all laws and regulations before registering. Registration is generally limited to established government organizations within a certain country. Contact us today for more information.

.gob.mx, .gouv.fr, .gouv.km, .gov.af, .gov.al, .gov.az, .gov.ck, .gov.eg, .gov.gg, .gov.gi, .gov.hk, .gov.il, .gov.ir, .gov.je, .gov.jo, .gov.ki, .gov.lb, .gov.lv, .gov.ly, .gov.ma, .gov.mg, .gov.mm, .gov.mn, .gov.mo, .gov.mt, .gov.mu, .gov.mv, .gov.mw, .gov.my, .gov.mz, .gov.ng, .gov.nr, .gov.pk, .gov.rs, .gov.sb, .gov.sg, .gov.vn, .govt.nz, .gv.ao, .muni.il, .parliament.nz,z

Health Network Domain Registration

Register for a specialized health network domain extension today and be recognized a legitimate health-related resource. Simply give us a call if you have any questions.

.health.vn, .med.ly, .med.sd, .medecin.km

Non-Profit Domain Registration

Non-profit extensions for a variety of countries are available. Matrix Bricks can help you establish the international presence you need for your non-profit domain today.

.org.af, .org.ag, .org.al, .org.au, .org.az, .org.bd, .org.bi, .org.ck, .org.cn, .org.ee, .org.eg, .org.es, .org.et, .org.fj, .org.gg, .org.gi, .org.gl, .org.gp, .org.gr, .org.hk, .org.hn, .org.hu, .org.il, .org.in, .org.ir, .org.je, .org.jo, .org.kg, .org.ki, .org.lb, .org.lc, .org.ls, .org.lv, .org.ly, .org.ma, .org.mg, .org.mk, .org.mm, .org.mn, .org.mo, .org.mt, .org.mu, .org.mv, .org.mw, .org.mx, .org.my, .org.mz, .org.ng, .org.nz, .org.ph, .org.pk, .org.pl, .org.pr, .org.ps, .org.pt, .org.ro, .org.rs, .org.ru, .org.sb, .org.sc, .org.sd, .org.se, .org.sg, .org.sy, .org.tj, .org.tp, .org.tw, .org.uk, .org.vc, .org.vn, .org.yu, .org.zm, .prd.mg

Personal Domain Registration

Register your specialized personal second-level domain today! Contact Matrix Bricks for more information.

.id.ir, .id.lv, .id.ly, .idv.hk, .idv.tw, .in.rs, .in.th, .ind.in, .me.uk, .name.az, .name.et, .name.fj, .name.jo, .name.mk, .name.mv, .name.my, .name.tj, .name.vn, .nom.ad, .nom.es, .nom.fr, .nom.km, .nom.mg, .nom.pr, .nom.ro, .pe.kr, .per.nf, .per.sg, .pp.az, .pp.ru, .pp.se, .pri.ee

Misc Organization Domain Registration

Matrix Bricks is pleased to offer our clients with the largest selection of miscellaneous domains available. We look forward to serving you in any way possible.

.asn.au, .asn.lv, .asso.fr, .asso.km, .asso.mc, .biz.az, .biz.et, .biz.fj, .biz.ki, .biz.mv, .biz.pk, .biz.pl, .biz.tj, .biz.vn, .coop.km, .coop.mv, .coop.mw, .firm.in, .firm.nf, .firm.ro, .int.az, .int.mv, .int.mw, .int.ru, .int.tj, .int.vn, .it.ao, .ltd.co.im, .ltd.gi, .ltd.uk, .other.nf, .plc.co.im, .plc.ly, .plc.uk, .rec.nf, .store.nf, .tm.fr, .tm.km, .tm.mc, .tm.mg, .tm.ro, .tm.se


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