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Our portfolio starts from designing a unique website as per the demands and requirements of our customers. All you have to do is to share with us your needs and we'll serve you with all the amazing features along with SEO-friendly websites. We have a team of experts who consistently work for Search Engine Optimization to bring enormous beneficial outputs at the end. We create SEO-friendly websites or re-design the websites to meet every demand of our clients.

What is Website Design and Redesign?

In simple words, web design is the process of planning as well as creating a website. Likewise, redesign is something which adds or changes the existing features with more value-added features for easy access and for drawing more visitors. All the designing tasks are handled by our web designers. The role of a web designer is to shape text, images, digital media and programming elements. These are generated for the creation of a page seen online on the web browser. Web designers play a vital role in making things easier for people to use. They use markup language which is most recognizable as HTML for structure and CSS for creating presentation to develop pages.

As the technology develops, we ensure to adapt the latest technology for effective results. Web 2.0 is readily available at us so that we can develop exceptional programming languages including javaScript, PHP and ASP.net. All these languages help us to develop websites which are interactive and engaging. Be it creating a new page or reworking on the same page, a designer always has to consider that the work should be proved exceptional. Accordingly, we have hired some highly professional employees from different fields to handle all the work smoothly.

Process and Practice

The process of web design has a series of points to consider. It includes conceptualizing, planning, post production, research, advertising and media control. Moreover, the work is done within the page for specific purposes. A site has to be updated on daily basis, which also includes hyperlinks that takes the users to other pages within the domain of that particular site. Due to HTML and CSS, designers find it easier to correct the problems and edit or update the pages. Due to more and more competition in the market, innovative plans have to be implemented to create a unique, user-friendly website. Designers have to keep their eyes open all the time to grasp the changes by doing in-depth research on particular implementation. Also, designers learn new updates and processes to make them available on page such as the use of Facebook, Twitter and news feed on almost all the websites. This attracts more visitors and proves to be convenient to use.

Key Design Features

Due to the lack of elements, many websites get unpleasant reviews of web design. To alleviate this problem, we have introduced a range of services which ensure enhanced works and eye-catchy websites. Some of the key features that we consider while designing a beautiful website are:

Text :

Text on the page should be properly used for comfortable reading. Background of the page does not disrupt the text. Font should be of medium size and not large or too small to read. Columns of the text should remain narrower as compared to those in a book for easy reading on the screen.

Navigation :

Navigation buttons help visitors to understand on which page they are. Therefore, it should be easy to understand and use. Large sites create index or site map for convenience.

Links :

Link colors go with the colors of the page for smooth flow without any disruption. Besides, links are underlined so that visitors could easily find them.

Graphics :

All the graphics possess alt label. In fact, every graphic link gets a similar text link. Backgrounds and graphics complement each other. Besides, animated graphics run automatically.

General Design :

Many people prefer using general design for quick download of pages. If a page has flash or animated graphics then it takes time to load. However, to represent the status and fame, many brands or companies create heavy pages which satisfy their demands. Every page which is linked with the website boasts same graphics with similar colors.


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