All You Need To Know About Google Ads Universal App Campaigns

While talking about advertising on Google, people are either considering e-commerce or lead generation. In this regard, people specifically hear the term PPC.

Here are given almost everything which you need to know about the Google Ads Universal App Campaigns.

Google Ads App Campaigns

Basically, a Google Ads app campaign is considered to be an automated type of campaign which helps you to drive in-app conversion actions and also installations. So, a particular app campaign always connects you across Google Display, Google Search, Google Play as well as YouTube.

The ads are automatically generated by the Google Ads once you have submitted some visual assets, a couple of lines of ad copy, a budget, a bid as well as a campaign objective. Along with that, Google Ads again identifies which specific copy or visual combinations are involved in driving the most excellent results as well as prioritize those over the others.

Important Objectives Of App Campaign

At the time of selecting a certain objective for your app campaign, you possibly have two options. This will mainly show how certain Google Ads goes about audience targeting as well as


  • CPA Or Cost Per Action:This specifically tells Google Ads to certainly drive as many installs as possible from the specific people. These people again take valuable in-app actions that are mostly given and effectively suit your budget constraints.

So, your bid should include the money amount that you are willing to pay for almost every action related to the in-app conversion.

First of all, it becomes very important for you to set up conversion tracking in case you mainly choose this campaign objective. Thus, Google Ads can easily collect specific user’s data that complete some in-app conversion actions.

  • CPI Or Cost Per Install:This again tells Google Ads helps to drive as many installs as possible whenever your budget constraints are given. As a result, your bid should possibly include the money amount that you are willing to pay for every install.

Conversion Tracking For App Campaigns

Google Ads always need to keep certain tabs on the conversion data of the particular current users who are involved in driving revenue. It again involves tracking a diverse variety of actions which are mainly taken by the users within your app. So, in accordance with your in-app action goals, you can easily create a rich database that can be used by Google Ads to optimize.

On the other hand, it is possible to measure app usage data and also track user engagement with the help of a free tool known as Google Analytics for Firebase.

Again, the conversion window is mainly the amount of time that it takes a prospect to take a particular conversion action after clicking on your ad.

Final Words

So, these are preferably the most important things which you need to know about the Google Ads Universal App Campaigns. Also, this particular campaign goal is specifically available to the advertisers who have set up in-app conversion tracking.

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