There is more to a business than providing great products and services—customer perception is important too.

Brand reputation is a valuable asset for any company trying to succeed and build its customer base. In this era where perception is reality, how potential customers view a company and its products, impacts sales massively. This makes online reputation management services more critical than ever.

For brands online, there are multiple avenues that can pose a threat to their reputation. This may be in the form of a negative review, damaging comments, an unhappy blogger, negative news coverage, or an unfavorable discussion on a popular forum.

The majority of people look for reviews before deciding on a brand for purchase, and human nature has always caused the negative information to spread faster than positive. To ensure brands don’t lose their years of hard work on a single Google result and their customer base to their competitors, opting for online reputation management is inevitable.

At Matrix Bricks, we offer effective online reputation management services that ensure your customers, employees, and critical stakeholders develop a positive perception of your company. Our experts develop innovative strategies using a combination of SEO, digital marketing, and public relations strategies that cultivate the best possible online reputation for your brand while also reducing the effect of any damaging reviews or posts that have been put out.

Online Reputation Management

Why does your business need online reputation management?

As stated earlier, boosting brand perception and favorable brand awareness among customers is a primary reason for seeking ORM for your business. Other benefits include:


Improved brand visibility

Google is more likely to rank brands that have a positive online reputation for a search than those with larger negative reviews. This allows brands to boost brand visibility, and possibly conversions, by getting ranked in relevant searches.


Attract prospective customers

customers with an intent to buy tend to look for brand reviews and user experiences before finalizing a purchase. During this process, all it takes is one negative review, for a customer to shift to a competitor. Through effective online reputation management, brands can ensure customers come across only positive reviews which motivate them to complete their purchase.


Boost customer loyalty

Repeat customers cost less than acquiring new customers and offer a business tremendous value. By creating a good online reputation, brands can maintain better relationships with their existing customers. Along with highlighting positive reviews, deftly managing negative experiences, help boost brand credibility and engagement, thus enhancing customer loyalty.


Attract highly skilled employees and stakeholders

Online reputation doesn’t just impact the brand but several critical aspects related to it. This refers to employees, stakeholders and investors. A company with a positive online reputation is far more likely to draw the attention of valuable employees and investors than one with a negative reputation.

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Why hire us for your online reputation management

Matrix Bricks offers reliable reputation management services for brands and businesses that help them get and remain in the spotlight for the right reasons. Our experts ensure that online customers find the most favorable content relating to your brand for every search, with services like :


No. while SEO is an important part of online reputation management, there is a lot more done here. Our experts strategically focus on the right content to get ranked using SEO while also mitigating the visibility of damaging content.

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