The breeze of change that is digital transformation has shaken things up for every industry and HR is no exception.

The push factor for the industry, specifically, has been the challenging labour market which motivated organizations to evolve their human resources approach.

Businesses realized that they need digital transformation for their HR department so that it looks after their operational automation, engagement, and monitoring of analytics.

This need was met by cost-effective and customizable digital tools and strategies such as SEO for hr, social media for hr etc, which have proven to be highly empowering for forward-looking HR teams, minimizing their need for manual, paper-based processes, and saving time as well as energy.

To help organizations achieve the goal of digital transformation in HR, Matrix Bricks presents specialised digital tools that help create more modern, agile and data-driven HR operations that can support the needs of the business and its employees.

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Needs of the market

Since digital transformation in HR is the integration of digital technologies into human resource management processes, it opens up the field to experiment and explore an array of digital tools fit for its functioning.These tools help to streamline HR processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the employee experience along with addressing the following needs:

  • Virtual Recruitment: attracting top talent and keeping them in the competitive market.
  • Talent Mapping: developing and nurturing everyone to reach their potential.
  • Improving employee experience, through automation of tasks.
  • Utilizing digital capabilities such as design thinking, agility and a data-oriented mindset.
  • Gaining greater insights and analytics through the collection and analysis of large amounts of employee data.

Our solutions

To enhance the agility of HR organizations, the first thing is the will to change with the changing technology. Once it is understood that technology will always be ahead of the curve, it will be easier for organizations to catch up and integrate these changes. Depending on your specific needs, the following solutions can be explored for digitally transforming your organization:

icon image - lead search

Lead search & identification

icon image - software

Onboarding software

icon image - talent management

Talent management systems

icon image - chatbot

Recruiter chatbots

icon image - management

Performance management

icon image - artificial intelligence


icon image - analytics

HR Analytics

icon image - knowledge

Learning management

icon image - compensation

Compensation management

icon image - content creator

owered job post writers

icon image - tracking

Recruitment automation: RPA & Applicant tracking systems (ATS)