The main goal of digital transformation is to modernize traditional and outdated solutions and processes through the use of the latest technologies. This has become a necessity for all industries, including healthcare and medicine.

But the industry has historically moved slowly owing to its heavy regulatory processes and rules. All of this changed when COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill and lead to an acceleration of adopting digital transformation across the field.

Driven by the need for value-based care in times of distress, the medical industry saw the importance of leveraging digital assets such as SEO for pharma, pharma apps for android etc, in all aspects of its business, from provider operations to payer operations, and member interactions, etc.

This is why Matrix Bricks presents an array of digital transformation tools executed specifically for the medical industry, to meet their multifaceted needs and the changing customer landscape.

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Needs of the market

COVID-19 brought to the spotlight the need of reducing R&D cycle times in the medical industry, which has long been fraught with heavy lag times owing to the aforementioned regulations and legal compliances.And while things have changed for the better, this hasn’t been the only challenge faced by the industry. Things such as uncertainty in supply chains, data integrity, drug wastages, and the need for improved process efficiency still exist, which calls for employing digital assets such as the following to turn things around:

  • Utilizing AI to handle disruptions in clinical development operations.
  • Using cloud technology to streamline daily tasks and facilitate remote work.
  • Utilizing AR/VR technology to assist with equipment configuration and operation with minimal personnel during travel restrictions.
  • Implementing IoT advancements to address logistics and transportation interruptions.

Our solutions

By initiating communication with the various stakeholders in the industry, we have been able to formulate and implement solutions that either create new or optimize the existing business processes, customer interactions, management practices, etc, through the use of cutting-edge technology.

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Improving patient care through technology-enabled personalized treatment plans and more accurate diagnoses.

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Increasing efficiency by streamlining processes and reducing the need for in-person visits.

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Convenient appointment booking through online channels that factor into your busy schedule.

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Cloud Migration allows legacy platform modernization and enables secure storage and exchange of data which is a mandate for healthcare data.

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Reducing costs by using technology to automate tasks and monitor patients remotely.

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Enabling data sharing and access to patient information across healthcare providers.

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Increasing access to care for patients in remote or underserved areas through telemedicine.

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Improved outcomes by using AI-based solutions.