Food and beverage is another industry which was heavily hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and needed to reinvent itself to survive. It did so through digital transformation to cope with increasing demands and supply chain bottlenecks that came with government regulations trying to protect public health.

Adding to this were the new-age customers realising the value of eating healthy, and plant-based, health-first foods becoming a resounding preference. These new considerations made conducting simple day-to-day operations very complex.

But the rate of change isn’t likely to decrease with our societies becoming more connected and technologically advanced, giving F&B companies the choice of either “getting with the times” or being left behind.

As a result, innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the blockchain which were already being applied by the industry, are being explored heavily to come up with solutions that meet the markets and businesses' unique needs.

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Needs of the market

To be fair, the F&B industry has embraced digital transformation in a more aggressive manner compared to the rest of the industry to tackle covid disruption but also to meet rapidly growing demand. As a result, many businesses are investing in new capabilities and partnerships earlier than anticipated, revamping conventional storefronts, and switching to more data-driven operational models and solutions to meet the following needs:

  • More accurate and immediate data collection.
  • Safer products and procedures.
  • Enhanced equipment supply and integration
  • Enhanced food processing, filling and packaging.
  • Integrated functions and asset management.
  • Increased flexibility in production, with minimized energy consumption.
  • More accurate supply and demand forecasts.

Our solutions

Besides the pandemic, and because of it in many instances, the food and beverage (F&B) industry underwent a digital transformation because more and more customers started using online platforms to order food and beverages. This includes online ordering and delivery services, using mobile apps for ordering and payment, and social media and digital marketing to promote businesses and attract customers. To enable this shift, Matrix Bricks provide the following services for the F&B industry:

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Enhanced reach and increased customer base by making it easier for customers to discover and order their products.

icon image - analysis

Predictive analysis for greener manufacturing process through cloud project management, machine learning (ML) and big data.

icon image - food safety

Enhanced Food safety through RPA, CIP, IIoT, and Logistics.

icon image - migration

ML to help mitigate or eliminate bottlenecks.

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Seamless omnichannel experience.

icon image - configuration

Streamlining plant operations such as process configuration, maintenance planning, inventory management, supply chain organization, and fulfilment.