The manufacturing industry going digital is one of the most exciting examples of digital transformation in the current times. This ongoing digital revolution has been driven by higher client demands, improved connectivity, and technological advancements witnessed in the past two decades.

As a result, many businesses have begun to understand the long-term advantages of digital transformation such as higher productivity, improved quality control, better data utilisation, a wider range of innovation, and overall cost savings.

Adding to this is the increasing reliance on the Internet of Things (IoT), which has also led to a larger demand for data. Naturally, systems that can accommodate massive amounts of data and process it quickly, without disruption or risk of loss, are seen as a must by organizations.

This is where we come into the picture with our digital transformation tools that allow businesses to do more with less, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and responding to changing consumer needs for personalization.

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Needs of the market

Organizations that undertake digital transformation have witnessed its massive benefits. Along with the obvious financial and business benefits, there are environmental and social positives too, making transformation imperative to remain viable and competitive in the market. To proceed forward though, it is important to understand the existing digitally-met needs of the market.

  • Improved productivity with greater quality.
  • Increased efficiencies of processes.
  • Increased margins, reduced costs.
  • Eco- Positivity through reduced energy and resource consumption.
  • Personalization, Agility and Increased Customer Centricity
  • Resiliency of operations
  • Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) and Cloud Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing in the Cloud

Our solutions

With Industry 4.0 still in progress, it’s an inspiring time for the manufacturing industry. The advent of cutting-edge technology facilitated by the automation of several manual processes is making businesses shift gears for the better. Here’s how Matrix Bricks is pioneering the revolution with its digital solutions:

icon image - machine learning

Machine Learning and AI for understanding and interpreting huge quantities of data

icon image - iot

Industrial IoT helps change the way products are made and delivered

icon image - erp

Process Automation through ERP

icon image - crm

CRM to gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, which helps forecast future sales and growth.

icon image - manufacture

Agility and responsiveness that enables matching production cycles and emerging product demand levels closely.