Values that actually mean something

Values are vitally important to us at Matrix Bricks. They’re what make up the DNA of the company, bind us together and identify with the type of clients we want to work with. We got the whole team together and discussed what values we held professionally and what we wanted to stand for. We found seven suggestions struck a chord with every member of the team. These are the ones that we live, breathe and all believe in 100%.

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We keep it simple

We love to simplify complicated problems, and strive to bring elegant solutions to our clients.

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We’re open, direct, fair and respectful

We value honesty, transparency, and straight-talking. We’re humble, respect others, dislike hierarchy and are pro equality.

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We love what we do

We’re always positive, engaged and motivated by the sort of projects we take on. We enjoy what we do and have fun as we do it.

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We strive to be the best

We’re keen to learn and be the best at what we do. To deliver quality work, we invest in expanding our team’s skills and knowledge.

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We’re innovative

We like people with creative ideas to craft innovative solutions to challenging problems. Identifying and integrating new tech that benefits our work excites us too.

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We get things done

We’re practical and focused. We plan efficiently and communicate effectively. We hate doing mundane work so we’re creative and re-use.