We, at Matrix Bricks, have a dedicated team of experts specializing in customer-centric and conversion-driven eCommerce websites design. As a leading globally-experienced Shopify developer, we understand the need and importance of providing exemplary customer service while keeping up with the ever-changing technological trends. Our website's smooth navigation and immersive effects attract users while encouraging participation, making us a trusted choice for eCommerce website development.

Our sites are completely scalable and designed to give all our clients a competitive advantage in whatever industry they operate for improved customer acquisition and engagement.

Our comprehensive e-commerce web designing package includes services such as customized design and development, payment gateway integration, plug-in, and module integration, online store development, e-commerce application development, and much more.

E-commerce Development

Elements Of A Good E-Commerce Website


Structurally sound: A robust website architecture is crucial for customers to enjoy a bug-free experience. As the top Shopify designers, our websites use cutting-edge technology while meeting superior coding standards.


Easy checkout: Taking advantage of purchase momentum is important for brands to increase their conversions. Any issue here could leave the products in the cart without completion of a purchase. To enhance the ease of the shopping experience, checkout systems should allow for both registered users and guest checkouts.


Multi-search options: Most brands have more than one product line. This mandates the need for a well-organized website. Customers should be able to easily search and view products that interest them based on clearly defined product categories and filter options.


Visible offers: A good offer can motivate a purchase in moments of indecision. To help boost conversions, all coupon codes and discount offers need to be strategically placed for maximum visibility.


Encrypted transactions: E-commerce websites use a host of personal information to identify location and payment details. To ensure no hackers can steal this data unethically and to maintain customer trust, it is crucial to develop secure websites capable of encrypted transactions.


Mobile optimized: A good e-commerce development company will ensure that every business reaches maximum prospective customers to enhance growth. A mobile-responsive website allows customers to shop easily from their phones boosting conversions.


Personalized recommendations: Brands can take advantage of improving customer experience and enhancing sales by adding sections for related products, buy again options, and preferences based on past shopping behavior to the website.

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Why Choose Matrix Bricks As Your E-commerce Web Design Company?

  • We create bespoke eCommerce websites customized to a client’s business needs and target customers. As an experienced Magento development agency, we understand the varied needs of customers along with the constantly evolving technology trends to ensure all our clients receive the competitive advantage they need to succeed.
  • By eliminating third-party agencies and dealing directly with customers, brand scans boost engagement, reduce operational costs, and gain valuable insight into their target customers’ behavior.
  • As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can help clients maximize their e-commerce digital presence through innovative digital marketing and SEO efforts, which boost brand visibility and credibility, along with attaining higher rankings. Additionally, our experts constantly test and monitor the website to ensure it is operating optimally, and create a pleasant user experience.


Yes, our experts develop secure and encrypted websites with the provision for continuous monitoring. This allows them to constantly review the internet for new threats and make necessary modifications that protect the website from unsolicited attacks.

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