The modern economic world is immensely influenced by the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance systems. These industries help in the creation of capital thereby helping the nation to grow.

Hence, it is very important for these industries to continuously evolve and transform themselves from time to time, focusing and facilitating on the needs of their customers who are the driving force behind the success of all BFSI industries.

This means upgrading the ease of doing business to attract more customers by engaging in practices such as digital marketing for banking and financial services, website design for banks, android banking app development etc, that are rooted in the digital transformation of business. Which will directly affect the diversity and quality of the services offered.

To bolster the digital transformation in the BFSI industry Matrix Bricks offers varied and premium digital tools for businesses and their customers to grow mutually.

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Needs of the market

The pandemic has fast-tracked digital behaviours, redefining how customers want to engage with their banks. Even though its growing revenue will always remain a priority for the BFSI sector, attention is now shifting towards innovating and enhancing products and services to provide an exceptional customer experience. Some requirements of the sector include :

  • Online banking and mobile banking which enables customers to access their accounts and conduct transactions.
  • Robust cybersecurity which protects sensitive financial data against data breaches and cyber-attacks.
  • Digital onboarding to quickly and easily onboard new customers and clients.
  • Data analytics for analyzing large amounts of data to identify trends, make predictions, and make better decisions.
  • The ability to support various digital payment methods, such as mobile payments and e-wallets.
  • Digital marketing and customer engagement to reach and engage with customers through digital channels, such as social media, email, and SMS.

Our solutions

Today’s highly digitized landscape demands that banks and other financial services firms identify and respond immediately to customer demands, and present them with personalized offerings and solutions for their needs. Our services enable companies to reach out and interact with customers at key moments in their life, generating excitement, and moving from a reactive approach of merely selling products to proactively anticipating and exceeding customer needs.

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Big Data analytics to design customized product offerings, financial products, and better customer service.

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IoT to gather and monitor real-time data, make informed decisions and deliver a great CX.

icon image - artificial intelligence

AI and ML for streamlining complicated business processes. For example through Face detection and recognition, intellectual computing, Chabot, etc.

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RPA to automate repetitive tasks and gain more efficiency, reduce cost, response time and error, and improve customer service.

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Cloud Computing to improve scalability, reliability and security.

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ERP for gaining agility, driving operational efficiency and matching customer expectations.

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Database management to rapidly store, manipulate and retrieve data.