All organizations need security measures and protective protocols to safeguard them from cyber criminals and other threats that employ the web channel.

Businesses must defend against the thefts or losses that may happen due to digital hacking, to protect their data, and ensure continuity.

Web Security Cloud Solution

As a leading web security provider, we offer the following services :


SSL certificate

This enables your company to safeguard sensitive information in today’s mobile workplace. With our DigiCert SSL Certificate, you get the strongest encryption available in the server security industry that facilitates a much-needed encrypted connection and authenticates your website's identity.
We strongly advise businesses to opt for SSL certification as it provides safety against hackers and helps your website get recognized by Google as being secure.


Site lock

This is a cloud base tool that enables your website to be scanned for malware and vulnerabilities. It’s an important feature for any company’s smooth functioning seeing as how 15% of websites run into malware issues every year.
We install sidelocks that will continuously check your site from all angles to detect malware. If malware is found it is automatically removed, so your website stays safe and secure. You also get email updates and weekly reports so you're up to date on what's happening.


Code Gaurd

An automated website monitoring, backup, and restoration service, Code Guard brings affordable enterprise-level tools to websites of all sizes or hosting.
The service has earned a reputation of reliability in the market and is trusted to not let anything slip through the cracks. It detects all changes, which you’d be updated about by receiving instant notifications from us.
Through Matrix Bricks, you can avail of easy code guard installation for your business.

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