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Apple’s mind-blowing campaign that became a worldwide sensation.

Take a look at how Apple promoted user-generated content.

Businesses and brands are constantly looking for new methods to differentiate themselves on social media. Like how to build a set of goals, implement a content strategy, and track progress with an overarching social media strategy.

An effective social media campaign promotes a product or service while also increasing brand awareness and cultivating a sense of community. It sticks out and attracts attention because of its excellent effects. Let’s take a closer look at Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign, which has captivated millions of consumers all around the world.

The commercial was launched in March 2015, six months after the iPhone 6 was released, to emphasize the phone’s improved camera. At the time of the initial launch, 77 users from 25 nations and 73 cities had used the photos. Users were urged to contribute their finest images using the hashtag #ShotoniPhone in a global challenge. Apple chose images from these shots to be used in media sources and on over 10,000 billboards around the world.

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Most people are familiar with the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign. Individuals were given the power of advertising by Apple. All they gave us was the tool to leave a lasting imprint on the world through art. By just utilizing the hashtag #ShotOniPhone, anyone from anywhere in the globe may promote their work and have it seen by a global audience. Some of the world’s first films were shot exclusively on iPhones as a result of this.

The campaign’s purpose was straightforward: to get individuals talking about the new iPhone and encourage user-generated content. Apple was hoping to attract attention not only for the iPhone 6’s camera quality but also for its position as a young and inventive corporation. Apple wanted existing consumers to be a part of and proud of their product introduction, but they also wanted to introduce new users to the thrill of being members of the Apple community.

Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign, which drew millions of people from all over the world, was a huge success. With 6.5 billion media impressions and 95% positive mentions, the campaign was mentioned by 24,000 opinion leaders. This campaign has over 24 million mentions on Instagram alone. The campaign won numerous awards and had such a lasting impression on the media that it is still in use, years after it began with modest billboards. It has now progressed to feature-length films that tug at our heartstrings.