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Decoding the marketing strategy of Starbucks

Starbucks is an American multinational chain and stands prominent for its services and products. Starbucks is one of the largest coffeehouse chains in the world.
Starbucks has used many exclusive and unique marketing strategies that can leave you astounded. There are a bunch of marketing strategies that Starbucks employees use every day but that may not have come to your notice. One of their marketing tactics is to offer complimentary drinks or food items on Birthdays.
Yes, did you know that Starbucks provides your food items or drinks as per your choice on your birthday?
You can only redeem your birthday complimentary drink/food if you have participated in the program.

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There’s a Starbucks reward program in the United States called (Starbucks reward).
After reading this you may have wondered if this is extremely easy and you can also obtain a complimentary drink every year on your birthday. Well, it is only possible if you have participated in the Starbucks rewards program. Starbucks Rewards is one of their ways to appreciate their faithful customers.
Know how you are eligible to redeem your gift.

  • To qualify for your birthday reward you have to join the Starbucks Reward program at least seven days prior.
  • You have to provide accurate information about you and your birthday while making your account.
  • You have to make at least one star- transaction before your birthday each year.
  • Once you are done with all the above mandatory processes, your birthday reward will be added to your account and it will be only valid till the date you have mentioned.
  • You must scan your member barcode in the app.
  • When you have a birthday reward you are eligible for almost anything on the menu with one handcrafted complimentary drink.

The other and the most famous marketing strategy of Starbucks is to play around with their customers’ names.
Has it ever happened to you? You have grabbed a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks, you have spelt your name loud and clear but when you received the cup, you see your name hilariously misspelt?
Well, we would like to decode the social media marketing strategy by Starbucks for you.
Sometimes you may burst into laughter, sometimes you may curse in anger.

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When we see misspelt names, our mind starts querying how the employees are so naive or how the coincidence of misspelling was hysterical. But one of the Starbucks employees has unveiled how it is so much fun to mess around with customers. Because if you write the right name of the customers they won’t put it on their stories. But when you misspell someone’s name, customers tend to show that to their audience. Ultimately, Starbucks is getting free marketing by just messing up with people’s names.