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Do you think you are beautiful? Read how Dove – Real Beauty Campaign helps in making you beautiful

Mainstream Media and society have always displayed women as beautiful and those who fall out of the criteria are left to be felt awful. These ghastly beauty standards passed on from generation to generation have led to profound self-doubt and bruised confidence in many women. Whether it’s a magazine, newspaper, movies, or news, people have always portrayed the idea of a  “beautiful woman”.

The above image belongs to DOVE INDIA

Many women try to transform themselves and do their best to look stunning. Many women fall under the trap of surgeries, other dangerous activities, toxic diets, photoshopping, etc. One particular brand is dedicated to breaking the stereotypes that have been passed on for decades and that brand is DOVE.

You may have watched Dove ads, how they interview people, how they always promote, self-love. Though Dove’s is clear that they want to demolish Self-doubt and Body shaming from the roots but does their strategy work?

DOVE knows how people for decades have been suffering from body image issues, body shaming, self-doubt, etc. Especially in this generation, people are more cautious about their outer look. Self-doubt feels like smothering and there’s nothing painful than that. And this time DOVE stepped up its marketing game to spread awareness and has gone beyond just rebranding.

do you think you are beautiful read how dove real beauty campaign helps in making you beautifulThe above image belongs to Dove – Real beauty campaig

DOVE started a “Real beauty sketch” where they made a police sketch artist draw women according to how they described themselves.

Lately, that video is suffering on the internet a lot and has also won a Titanium Grand Prix.

What made this Campaign so unique and successful?

DOVE knew, talking about the body image issue will bring them a lot of criticism as it is a very sensitive topic, so, they had to come up with ideas that would leave footprints in the marketing field and put a great impact on people. And they came up with this idea.

The above video belongs to Dove

Though they have promoted self- love many times creatively and created ads based on this subject matter, this specific Ad campaign skyrocketed Dove’s marketing strategy.

DOVE truly challenged beauty standards and beauty advertising.

What do you think about this unique strategy?