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Have watched the Squid Game? Know how Brands are utilising the trend.

Lately, on Instagram, you may have heard a creepy sounding song revolving all over your explore page. Literally, everybody is using that sound for the reels but do you know that song belongs to which show? 

If your answer was Squid Game then yes you are absolutely right.

Squid Game is a Netflix show that hooked everyone with its thrilling story. Since the show has embarked on Netflix in September it has skyrocketed because of its Classic Korean children games story but with a dreadful twist. Squid Game is a Korean show and it is one of the most-watched series in Korean language of all time. Squid Game is all set to set a benchmark in Netflix history. 

In the beginning episode, the game starts with 456 players and they fight for their lives. In this show it has been portrayed how people can go to extreme extents to obtain money. The cash rewards in Squid Game starts at 38 million dollars but increases to Billions.  

At the beginning of the game, everything seems normal but after a few stages, the contestants realise the horrendous consequences of the game that could probably injure them or even kill them.

have watched the squid game know how brands are utilising the trend

(Above image belongs to Pinkvilla)

The fun fact about the Netflix show Squid Game is that it was rejected nearly for a decade. It has been rejected merely because the show was too brutal for television. The series creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, came up with the storyline a decade ago. He wanted to portray how rapacious competition works in this world.

There’s no way that something is floating on the internet and Brands don’t utilise that. Well, nothing can beat the creativity of the people. Some brands are making memes and some are promoting their business. Given below are some of the mind-blowing strategies brands have used relevant to the Squid game.

(Above image is taken from Twitter and belongs to Louis Vuitton)

Louis Vuitton, a fashion company that stands prominent in the fashion industry for their luxury goods, has hired HoYeon Jung the actress of the Squid Game

(Above image belongs to Amul) 

Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative society that is well known for their premium quality dairy products and their gobsmacking creativity. Amul has never left a chance to show their adorable creativity relevant to the trend and given above is the proof. 

What are your thoughts on these marketing strategies? Have you watched the Squid Game yet?